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Star Citizen New Caves & Mining Sub-Components

Star Citizen with a Deeper dive into Cave Updates & Mining SubComponents that we are getting with the New Star Citizen Alpha 3.13.

Cave’s are evolving to have multiple entrance types and more 

There are 6 new entrances with Alpha 3.13 being added.

Some of these are large in scale and require a vehicle to enter/exit safely.

Though I can immediately see issues with getting stuck in them, if that is the case.

However the ability to land a ship in a cave and then use a ground vehicle to drive around them is pretty cool.

Lighting in cave entrances use the runtime environment probes so that the day/night light is properly reflected in the caves.

Some of these caves are perfect for combat and skirmishes and cover has been consider when building them.

These caves also add a lot more interest and detail just to the surface of planets.

We saw a lot of picos in a cave… could this be an easter egg?

Mining Laser Sub-Components are an evolution to the mining gameplay.

It provides deeper customization and tooling towards the gameplay and in this case specific minables you might want to be going after. Different Mining lasers will have different amounts of sub component slots and you can fit modules that can have passive or active perks. Unlike Consumables… they are not consumed tho and are typically more expensive because of that HOWEVER they my be less powerful than a consumable in terms of it’s stats boosts.

There are various tiers of components as well.. Some of which are almost as good as a consumable but you will pay a premium for that AND there may be more downsides to that too.

You can see your modules literally on the end of your mining laser and can free mix and match and are able to have different active modules and passive ones all being used in harmony.

Along with this update the mining UI has been updated with deeper info & signposting on active mining modules. So you can see all the buffs and debuffs you have to your lasers.

The next step with Mining is mining gadgets, these can be placed by hand on mineables that then will allow you some bonuses to mining that rock, lowering it’s resistance or maybe giving a better yield. You are obviously pretty vulnerable while EVAing out of your ship to place a gadget tho.

Later today we have a Star Citizen Live with Sean Tracy and and members of the US Vehicle Team… This starts at quite a late time of 7pm UTC on the Star Citizen Twitch questions are expected to range from:

Cockpit interactions, the Room System, Breaching, Doors, Ship Services, Life Support, Interdiction, Radar & Scanning, SDF Shields, Turrets, Vehicle Damage and More… if you’d like to ask a question or upvote someone else’s there is the thread for this that I have linked below. The top question is currently on Physicalized Damage and Components… good lads… that’s mega important!

Bam, that’s a short and sweet Summary of ISC and schedule of what’s happening later today. I am expecting Evo and 3.13 testing to start over the next few days.