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Star Citizen News – Alpha 3.13 is in Evocati Testing

Welcome to the Star Citizen News for the week ending the 14th March 2021.

Star Citizen 3.13.0 is with Evocati, I can’t talk about the specifics of the patch BUT it will go to 1st Wave PTU for Subscribers and Concierge that will mean I can cover it in the coming days… as early as the end of next week if the stars align. It’s still the plan for a live release of 3.13 around the end of March. 

From the Star Citizen Weekly Newsletter

It’s time to don your green and gold and risk it all on something daring! The ‘verse is celebrating Stella Fortuna and you’re invited to join in the fun. Whether you want to put your luck and skill to the test in a contest or celebrate in style in a new green ship, now’s your chance!

AND there is a Stella Fortuna St Patricks Day Sale until the 22nd of March

This has the MSR and a Green Skin for sale which is  actually in Game Now BUT also a

New Vehicle the Cyclone MT that’s going to be in Alpha 3.13 for sale now.

It’s basically a Cyclone TR but with a combined missile / gun turret.

Also you can win a ship by making an upto 90 second vehicle about a close call or lucky win in the Star Citizen Universe.

This Week’s Sneak Peek is of the Cargo/Main Section of the Crusader Hercules Star Lifter C2 that’s coming as part of a 3.13.x Patch… and it was again confirmed by CI that it’s not planned for the initial 3.13.0 Release.

Inside Star Citizen this week looked at a sprint report that actually revealed the Cyclone MT but also looked at updates to work on Refinery Focused Stations, Colonial Outposts, Mining UIs, interactable Lights as well as Hospitals.

And a multitude of Ground Vehicle Improvements to Physics, their Driveability and UIs along with the Nova Tonks Tracks… expect much better ground vehicle gameplay soon!

Star Citizen Live had the VFX Team…

Cloud Tech from the POI and Stations has led to improved Gas Giant and Planet Volumetric Clouds.

They want to have an indepth simulated real time weather model. Pressure and other weather things will be worked out here… they need to build the supporting tech towards this first though and will then work out what is sensible and doable.

The heat of a Star and Day Night Cycles will also be simulated.

There are going to be system wide environmental effects like star flares.

They’ve been testing lightening/electric gas clouds.

SDF Shields are in for 3.13 and should be much better than what we have no, including not damaging visibility for the pilot when getting pelted. 

Quantum Effects & local sounds as well as landing thrusters with dust are going to get some updates.

We will see & hear debris bouncing off our ship in some environments.

They’ve done some comet tests… which sound cool but they sounded most excited by fire that’s coming to the game!

Roadmap Update had 3.13 getting a couple of New Types of Cargo with time and volatile cargo. FPS Weapon Misfire, Wear and Overheat were pushed off the Progress tracker along with Fuel Scooping Improvements and Anti-Personnel Turrets.

There was a Kotaku Article that had kind of accused CI of treating it’s staff poorly during the recent Texas Snow Storm… I think this has been hugely debunked by CI staff that work at the Texas Studio now but I have a video rant “Star Citizen Devs Slam Kotaku For Clickbaiting on a Tragedy” for a deeper summary and rant on that!

We had a XenoThreat Post Mortem too this went over the successes and failures of the event AND CI now are able to act on things like appropriate PvP and counter missions, better testing and prototyping, a more appropriate difficulty, communication of what’s going on with the event and hopefully longer length events in the future.

Also mentioned was a CHARACTER TECH TEAM AMA that’s On Tuesday, March 16, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your burning questions on Spectrum… these aren’t Livestreams they are forum exchanges.

Boom that’s it for the week’s goings on… are you looking forward to Star Citizen Alpha 3.13’s PTU Phase? Or are you waiting for the Live build? Are you a C2 or M2 owner who can’t wait for 3.13.x to come? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.