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Star Citizen – MEDICAL GAMEPLAY FEATURE – Field Medics & Hospitals

Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 starts to see expanded Medical Gameplay with various new healing features that enable players to heal and treat injuries with new medical tools (think of them as medical guns) as well as heal other players and NPCs… but there is a lot going on and planned with medical gameplay…

Currently we have some ships with limited “medical capabilities”… which allows for more temporary respawning of players at medibeds on the Cutlass Red, 890 Jump & Carrack.

Medical Gameplay will change for these ships in the future.

They want a tiered system for treating damage T3 will be minor injuries, T2 more major injuries and T1 near death or severe injuries. Your facilities on board will allow you to treat or stabilize these. There will be some forms of mini-games/gameplay associated.

Ships like the Endeavor or at least it’s Hospital Module and the Apollo can have the best facilities… as would Hospitals in game. Some of these top tier facilities may allow for play respawning at them as well.

But will be useful for search and rescue missions, focused medical missions OR just making money off passing players and NPCs. There are even plans for medical drones for aiding in S&R or treatment too.

With Hospitals & Clinics in mind – Expect to see a Hospital at microTech then clinics start to pop up around the game. These will be locations to purchase medical gear and tools but also respawn when you die as well as treatment when you are injured.

They are working on a Hospital for Orison I assume for the V2 of the Landing Zone planned for Q4 in 3.16 currently. We know there is New Hope at Lorville too, in fact expect a Hospital at each of the major planetary landing zones.

Near Future…

We know they are planning to add various Player Status Updates almost certainly some in 3.14 as well, that would have you getting various buffs, debuffs and potentially useable drugs, hygiene, crippled limbs, environmental effects… that may require treatment.

Knockdowns / Bleed Outs will be a thing… You’re Not Dead but You need help, people might drag you to safety, or use a medical tool on you to get you up.

Field medics will just need the right items / gear to treat an injury.

This all leads to the Death of a SpaceMan mechanic, where you want to avoid death… you can die and be brought back a number of times BUT you are basically a clone and everytime you need to be re-cloned it destabilizes your DNA.

Eventually you could permanently die… BUT you’ll be able to transfer your stuff to your new character… there might be medical insurance or ways to refresh your DNA too… 

That’s the rough plans.

A sprawling Gameplay Loop is a while out yet BUT that’s the steps towards the Planned Medical Gameplay Star Citizen has to Offer! As with everything Star Citizen there could be delays… so bare that in mind!