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Star Citizen – Salvaging Tools – Medical Tools & New FPS Gear

There was a pretty tasty Inside Star Citizen this week…Weapon of Choice… with loads of juicy gameplay and development tidbits.

There are going to be lots of types of weapons and tools, from medical tools to weapons that Disable electricals OR less than lethal weapons for taking out a bounty.

Medical, Charge and Drain, Breaching & Salvage are all being worked on along with lots of other gameplay loops and various tools support this gameplay. They showed a range of these new FPS Weapons and Tools in some more detail.

We saw the Multitool Salvage attachment which has 2 functions, salvage and repair.

Salvaging with the tool allows you to do hull stripping, go up to a vehicle, start stripping the hull, the valuables go into a canister. You can sell that OR use it for repair… which is pretty much the opposite of hull stripping at least in this instance… though to exactly what extent with the multitool attachment we don’t know, can it repair individual components, hulls or both?

We saw more on the Multitool medical attachment.

If you’re injured OR been seriously injured multiple times you might start to get long lasting injuries.

You can heal someone by firing the tool at them (which uses healing gel that is a swappable cannister on top), you’ll also see a readout of any long lasting injuries the target has.
You can advise the target of these conditions (implying we might not know fully the conditions and statues we have ourselves) or use other types of healing or drug pens to “cure” them.

There is a dedicated Medical Gun which gives you some additional functionality beyond the multi-tool. You can apply more types of drugs and at different levels with a more effective readout… basically you can treat a wider range of injury more easily.

The is a dedicated Tractor Beam FPS Tool as well… it gives you more power or liftiness than the multi-tool one… it has a bigger battery and may be able to push/pull faster or grapple from a longer distance poitentailly.

There is a Dedicated FPS Cutting Tool it can cut through more materials faster and for longer with a larger battery than it’s multitool variant can. It’s useful for larger jobs or for constant use.

There is a Behring Door Breaching Charge… it’s a deployable FPS item for… blowing up doors.

The Ultiflex Crossbow is a futuristic take on… well a crossbow…

Is pretty unique as a weapon and from a new manufacturer… it’s going to be incredibly effective as a stealth weapon… it has no (or at least a minimal) signature so is hard to detect.

It’s reloaded via cartridge and the bolts it uses expand out from the ammo.

Asteroids and getting an overhaul and there is a new Pipeline that’s made them look a lot better as well as have more variance all for Alpha 3.13.

Rocks are boring BUT need to be in a space game… especially for mining or to bring depth to POI or battlefields.

They have been able to quickly build out a lot of variations of asteroids with the new pipeline, they can range from tiny to massive… from what they have showed… it’s going to be hard to see the same rock repeated.

The new organic shader is applied to these really bringing them to life.

Boom that’s it for an Inside Star Citizen Summary this week!