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Star Citizen News 21st March 2021

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen News for the weekending the 21st of March. We have loads going on at the moment….

Star Citizen 3.13.0 is still with Evocati HOWEVER it sounds like it’s potentially going wider next week… and I am expecting 1st wave PTU around from the 25th… that is not a confirmation.

Theatres of War have been having Playtests over the weekend… again that’s evocati… I’ve been playing in them and it’s been enjoyable. At some point in the future CI will want to open that up to a wider audience for a weekend test most likely, I do think there is more to fix and optimize before that tho… It’s something we might see go a bit wider in the 3.14 cycle imo.

The Stella Fortuna Event & Sale Ends 22nd March the Green MSR is available to buy but also the new Cyclone MT Combined Cannon & Missile Turreted Version which is in Alpha 3.13.

From the Star Citizen Newsletter I believe the Sneak Peek this week is of the S7 weapon for the Ares Inferno or at least a S7 weapon… as the caption And in the distance, an army’s marching feet. Is from the song 7.

Inside Star Citizen

This week looked at various tools that they had been working on

A Medical module for the Multitool and a dedicated too as well that will be able to treat various injuries of other players.

A Salvage / Repair Tool that stripes the hulls of ships and can then use that to repair.

The was a stealthy futuristic Crossbow

And then they went on to talk about Asteroid Updates… they are being overhauled to have a huge among more variety and detail.

Star Citizen Live

There Was a Game Dev Live with The Weapon Content team. They talked about making a gun scope… which they roughly made in maya. There wasn’t much in the way of tangible updates there tho.

Tech Team AMA

Talked about Character Customization with more faces, hairstyles and beards coming in the future BUT also talked about pipeline improvements for characters AND we will be getting the holo-skull helmet at some point but they are still working on the shader. 

It was announced this week that FireSprite is Working with CI on ToW and have been since 2019 when ToW was first announced. They are working with RATHER than it being entirely outsourced AND since our coverage of that we have learnt a bit more.

The strike team from Firesprite currently working on Theaters of War is 10, and that has stayed pretty stable since they started working together. That team consists of people working on art, design, code and production.

CI’s Zyloh has made a bit of a further statement too

The ToW/SM Teams Work to Star Marine, Arena Commander, and Theaters of War has already filtered back into and made an important and positive impact on the “Persistent Universe,” as combat improvements within Theaters of War are also improvements made for Star Citizen’s PU. More specifically, the intent of Theaters of War, which is to highlight the best 30 minutes of Star Citizen combat and distill it into an easy-to-access session of play, allows us to isolate the most high-impact and visceral aspects of combat within the PU and put it to hyper-focused testing, which is tremendously helpful for iterating and improving the overall core gameplay of Star Citizen.

I was talking about this to zin… and jokingly said that CIG can’t meet deadlines because they don’t really give them and aren’t driven by a publisher BUT maybe they will give more suitable deadlines to FireSprite and ToW…. I sort of hope that is the case…

Talking of zin we did a Reading of the XenoThreat Assessment Lore Piece which was the Aftermath of the event from Special Agent In Charge Rowena Dulli’s PoV. XenoThreat will return… or at least aren’t gone.

And that’s it for this week’s Star Citizen News. 3.13 SOON ™… April Soon too.

Once 3.13 is out we should start to see more info on 3.14, tho ISC take a 3 week break soo… end of April is when the info starts rolling in properly I suppose.

But what do you think are you looking forward to the PTU wave for 3.13 or do you prefer LIVE… do you think we will see anything new in 3.13 that hasn’t been announced yet? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.