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This Week In Star Citizen – 28th March 2021

What’s Happening This Week In Star Citizen for the Week Ending the 28th of March.

The St Patrick’s Day Sales are now pretty much over you might have a couple of hours or so to pick up a MSR Green or the Cyclone MT if you still want it.

Alpha 3.13 is getting Ready for 1st Wave PTU we could have it later this week!

Tuesday will see some Galatapedia Updates

Wednesday there is a Roadmap Update as well as a more in depth Patch Watch going a little deeper and highlighting some features being worked on that don’t appear on the roadmap. There was one last week covering eye colors and medipeds. 

Thursday has an Inside Star Citizen that looks at the Reputation System followed by a Patch Report… all the patch things this week!

Friday will see a new SCLive Episode though we don’t know on what yet and for RSI Subs we have a new Jump Point Magazine!

It’s mine and zin’s birthdays at the end of the week too so there might be a little disruption to the Channel!

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