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Star Citizen Alpha 3.13 is Out Now to 1st Wave PTU

Star Citizen Alpha 3.13 is Out Now to 1st Wave PTU that means RSI Subscribers and Concierge Backers can now also try out the patch and this build doesn’t have an NDA!  

I wanted to quickly go over What’s New, what’s in the build and what’s coming later.

New Cave Entrances for Vehicles and Ships to enter along with a trio of new Cave Missions that will have you fighting your way through them, you’ll need to complete bounty hunter intro missions to see these.

Ship Names are now shown on some ships (more to follow in future patches)… the Carrack, 890, 600i, Hammerhead, Reclaimer and MSR can all be named via the RSI Website and will appear on ships.

The Constellation & P52/P72 Snub can now dock / undock… this can be with any connie, but if you don’t own it then you’ll need the owner to accept a docking request.

The Reputation System and UI is here showing you your affinity and career with Mission Givers and Factions in game, this tracks ranks, bonuses and progress with them too.

Object Push and Pull along with Trolleys, you’ll be able to move these around, put cargo on them and be able to find them at Landing Zones and some POIs.

There are also New Cargo Missions with sensitive cargos that need to be transported appropriately and timed multi-drop missions too.

We have New Mounted Guns that appear at some POIs.

There are a few additional changes to POI, some more focused industrial stations with less of a commercial look.

Updates to a whole host of the Stanton Visuals, planets and assets.

A New harvestable macro-algae found at the coastlines of Hurston.

They are phasing in the New Updated Asteroids, you should notice these at Stations & POI at this stage. 

SDF Shields should be on all ships now, also with new colored FX that show the damage taken in a particular area.

New Mining Sub Components can be purchased on Refinery Decks and be applied to your lasers to optimize your mining gameplay.

Law System has received updates, fixing loopholes, there are proxy crimes if someone on your ship commits a crime & improving bounty missions.

The Gladius has had Visual Updates

Ship ramps have been improved for collisions.

Ship Visual Degradation is here but not for all ships yet, you’ll see dirt and scratches build up on the hulls of ships but also the ability to clean them when repairing.

MedPens are now equippable interactive items – You can bring one out with [C] if you have one equipped, HOLD [C] for the FPS Items Quick Menu.

Impacts can now Stagger Characters. 

The MSR, Talon, Shriek and Nomad are available to purchase from shops in game.

The Tumbril Cyclone MT variant is now useable in game, it’s got a manned turret that combines Missiles and a S1 Cannon.

The User Folder has had a Location Change, typically people will want to delete their user folder OR at least their shaders folder from that when they update to a new patch as the old data can cause issues. It’s Now \USER\Client\0\ (so that 0 folder is the USER Folder now)

There are some Features coming later in the Quarter in a 3.13.x Patch as well those being – Ship to Station Docking, the Nova Tonk and the Hercules Starlifter C2 & M2 which all require a little more work.

There was a good many bug fixes with things like the Star Map losing functionality being addressed.

There are several known issues which you should be aware of…

The 100 series is broken.

The ATC at New Babbage is broken and not allowing entry of exit by ships/vehicles.

Ships can get into an unretreive-able state

Quantum senstive cargo can get stuck in your hand.

Landing pads break trolleys.

Theres issues with the P52 docking with the connie when moving.

Holding a grenade and using a mounted turret causes low fps and breaks your character.

A couple of issues with Mission givers.

Boom that’s it, 3.13.0 is 1st wave… that doesn’t mean that they have finished adding content, we could see more fixes and even (tho less likely) more features or vehicles potentially added…

The patch should be going out to further waves before going Open PTU and then LIVE in the coming days.