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Star Citizen – What’s Coming in April 2021?

Welcome to a Star Citizen & BoredGamer April Update looking at what is going on this month and what we have to look forward to from both Star Citizen and our humble Youtube Channel.

Firstly we have the March Giveaway Winners… we had 3 ships to giveaway this time:

Michael Frost


Simone Maisen

You have won a Origin 100i, 125a & 135c with Gamepackage respectively.

The New April Giveaway is for a Mercury Star Runner for one lucky winner, just comment on any of my videos made during April to be in for a chance to get your virtual hands on that.

Coming In April From CIG

Star Citizen Alpha 3.13 is incoming, PTU then Live… it’s the biggest thing for April and arguably the most exciting SC 2021 thing to date… XenoThreat was pretty fun… 

We will be covering that with all the patch notes and features as it makes it’s way through PTU and the Live Build.

Alpha 3.13 Content Plans

There are certain features I want to focus on this month, new gameplay loops and the reputation system are probably the main focus.

Expect some mission playthroughs of the New Caves and combat there.

Any new locations or ships we will get a tour and deeper dive into.

I think there is a lot of fun to be had with Trolley and push/pull

I want to look at the viability of all the core gameplay in 3.13 as well… can we mine and cargo haul… is it broken or too janky.

The Stanton system visual updates… how much have they changed?

I’ll try to get a PSA how to prepare for 3.13 live as well…

Other Things Happening in April?

April Fools

Monthly Report

We should start to see some Alpha 3.14 features in ISC which should be returning on the 22nd of April.

We know that CI have a 3.13.x patch or patches planned so expect to see some more on the Hercules C2 and M2 and Nova Tonk along with more on Ship to Station Docking all of which are still planned for the 3.13.x branch.

We could potentially hear more about or even see start the Nine Tails Lockdown, which is the next major event after XenoThreat I think… obviously there is Fleet week at the end of May as well but that’s a little different.

Other SC Content

I’d like to do some regular 3.13 gameplay and have some streams of that through April

Zin should also be organizing an in game Star Citizen event for anyone that wants to participate every 2 weeks on our discord.

I’ll be looking at various features AND ships that are a bit further out too and doing a mixture of explaining them super quickly OR deep diving based on the given topic. If you have any in particular you want me to look at please do tell.


Zin has her New Chair she went for the SteelCase Leap V2 in the end… DO YOU LIKE YOUR CHAIR ZIN? Yes… she does! 

I am doing pretty well personally, I had a nice chill birthday at the end of March as did zin… once lockdown is over properly I’ll celebrate in style for sure.

I very much miss going out and thats also true of star citizen stuff, office tours, bar citizen, britizencon… these are all super important to me as a social being and for work!

Thanks to everyone that helped with suggestions and donations.

I am still Shilling For NordVPN I think that VPNs at the moment are so essential and it’s pretty low cost.

I am also waiting on Shadow the company that do the cloud gaming pcs to confirm there plans for the future, once they are confirmed to be all stable then I will start promoting them again. I do think that their Cloud based services are fantastic.

The first Quarter of each year is super slow for Star Citizen content and that is also reflected in Youtube revenues ect… but as we move into Q2 and the 3.13 cycle I have new found vigor and am looking forward to the updates on Alpha 3.14 that will start to be talked about!