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New Roadmap Teaser – CitizenCon 2021 Cancelled?

Welcome to some more Star citizen there is a load of headlines I want to talk to you about today, New Roadmap Incoming, CitizenCon might have been “cancelled”, there is some amazing new star kitten flair and some other little bits besides. 

There might be some excitement to be had with Star Citizen’s New Roadmap as CI have said that they are updating the Progress Tracker Version 1.

So what does that mean for the Roadmap and information relayed to us backers?

We should see a lot more information on there and for that to be easier to read.

They are going to be adding new quarters to the release view in a more scheduled fashion, so it sounds like we are not going to have to guess when 3.17 & 3.18 will be added for 2022 we should have some form of system.

Therefore the Progress tracker will go beyond the end of the year it seems.

Cloud Imperium are adding Over 20 new teams to the progress tracker, this is largely downstream feature teams as I understand it… tho there are some others.

Downstream teams are supposed to have content that goes out 2 quarters because beyond that it’s hard to know exactly what they will be working on as they are more responsive to and dependant on upstream content teams progress and priorities.

The new info is not going to go into minutia and individual task detail but we should have a lot more data on what’s being worked on and how it ties in to development.

Star Kitten Helmet flair is available on the RSI Sub Store… there are 3 the standard Pink branding but also a white one (Sally) and black one (Damon), they come with an appropriately colored Outlaw Medium Armor set too… subs should be getting their free ones next week! Again for Subs the 600i is flyable all April but also buy a MSR at a 5% discount with enhanced insurance.

New Buy Back Tokens are going out to backers and should be with everyone by the end of the day or thereabouts if not already. These allow you to rebuy a ship you previously melted.. Using store credit.. The next buy back token is available July 5th.

The potential CitizenCon 2021 on August 7th as a physical event has seemed to disappear into the ether… the listing on the LA Convention Centre has gone they way of the Origin 404… (It’s not found) We might see an event later OR more likely in my opinion for 2021 a virtual citizencon. There is a huge amount of new tech, the updated quantum system, new ships & vehicles and future gameplay CI are raring to show us and I suspect some of that will have rolled over from 2020 as well.

There is a New Frankfurt Studio… well it appears that CI are moving their old FF studio to a new larger one… we will cover that in another video, just confirming some details.