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Star Citizen 3.13 PTU Patch Notes – Is The ROC-DS Good Now?

we have a new Star Citizen Alpha 3.13.0j PTU Patch… we are still in 1st Wave PTU it seems but we could have a wider PTU as soons as some of the more egregious bugs and issues are solved. So what’s new in this Patch?

The ROC-DS has had a Balance pass taking on a lot of feedback from the community. It now has a unique mining head that improves it’s mining/tractor range and power. Increased cargo capacity to 3.5 SCU from 2.

This could go a way to making the vehicle more viable as an alternative to the ROC (or 2 ROCs). It’s certainly better than it was before.

We still don’t have details on the Sale of the ROC DS or the vehicle’s place in the Verse beyond what we’ve seen from the PTU. Is it a 2 person vehicle OR a vehicle intended to be used with 1 person with seat swapping? Is it going to have more function?

They’ve Moved the cave near Lorville to be outside the city green zone now and Improved lighting for caves.

Increased the ASOP terminal use time before it kicks the player off so you can browse a little longer.

They’ve Updated the Cyclone AA/MT missiles to ignite immediately on launch AND Greatly increased the base health of the Terrapin.

There are a few Ship in Ship Docking Changes – They’ve made a few temporary changes to how parasite ships such as the p-52 and p-72 are handled for insurance and ASOP spawning. Where ships are granted to the player because the ship (Example: Merlin on a Connie), is part of the ship’s default loadout, that secondary “attached’ ship should no longer be treated as a separate ship from the ASOP’s point of view. Because of this, they will no longer be spawnable via the ASOP unless you have bought in game or pledged for these smaller ships separately. Merlins (and other loadout based ships), will always be claimed by claiming their parent ship and is the only way to replenish them if destroyed. If a party member/friend/anyone is flying your docked Merlin and you make a claim on the Connie, the previous instance of the parasite ship your friend/party member is flying will immediately be considered as a stolen vehicle. Doing this will give the pilot of it a crime stat for stealing a ship. This isn’t ideal at the moment, as I said it’s temporary.

There are a good amount of Major Bug Fixes too

  • F12 should now correctly toggle on/off the Comms UI along with the chat
  • Players should no longer be able to cause low framerates for all players on Hurston while near coastlines… low frame rates have been a bane of the current PTU.
  • Players who have a lawful bounty mission should now correctly lose access to the lawful missions if they become a criminal
  • Star Runner fuel scoop should now function – meaning you should have less fuel issues.
  • Ships should no longer spawn in shaking, damaged, or in a destroyed state
  • If a player is in a party or group voice channel their VOIP should no longer switch to the ship VOIP channel when they enter a ship
  • Players should no longer fall through the personal lift in the Constellation series while the ship is in quantum
  • S1 Sukorans shields should no longer incorrectly recharge instantly – although I saw people complaining they still have other overheating bugs.
  • Target ship’s shield status should now be visible on the Target Status MFD or CVI
  • Running into the stairs of the 100 series as the door of the ship opens should no longer cause players to fall through the ground
  • Death “black screen” should now fully stretch to cover ultrawide displays
  • Opening mobiGlas or equipping an item during MedPen Heal animation should no longer cause the player to pull out another MedPen that doesn’t work
  • DRAKE Bucaneer and MISC Prospector’s thrusters should no longer overheat if they maintain 100% thrust
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple ship bridges to have an overly bright fog volume around them while around gas clouds
  • Fixed an issue causing overly blurry cockpit glass wear buildup after using a ship for a short period of time
  • Valkyrie Liberator right side passenger door should no longer kill the player when mantling up
  • Fixed an issue that allowed some vehicles to sometimes pass through sections of ground, causing damage
  • Fixed many gaps in the floor around cargo decks where trolleys could get stuck or flip when pushed
  • Gun fire from the Revenant Gatling should no longer rapidly create overly bright flashes on the cockpits of ships
  • Reflections from the lights inside the Aegis Eclipse should no longer create a bright ball of light that obscures the players ability to look out of the cockpit
  • Highlights should now correctly appear when interacting with off the shelf ship components at stores in the PU
  • FPS Weapons should no longer block the flashlight when aiming down the sights which caused high reflection on the guns
  • Tecia Pacheco (Twitch) should no longer be missing and away from her chair
  • Players should no longer receive a journal entry is suggesting that they have been fired by Crusader / Hurston security, when they have not been, every time they log back into their account.
  • Quantum Sensitive Cargo should no longer have a change to become stuck to the players hands while holding
  • Procyon cargo carryables for missions should no longer endlessly drop and reapear in players hands when holding them
  • Constantine Hurston objective should now correctly show when accepting his invite mission
  • Fixed Missing geometry around the cave entrance near Lorville which caused players to fall through the world
  • They Fixed 13 Client & 5 Server crashes as well as a Main Thread Deadlock.

There are still some known issues that need to be fixed:

  • Customized loadouts are reset to default when the ship’s name is changed
  • 100 Series is missing pitch/yaw/roll
  • Constellation Ship Elevators lose collision when snub ship is undocked
  • The Quantum Sensitive Cargo can become stuck to the players hand, while lacking all functionality
  • On landing pads, trolleys are unable to be pushed / pulled up the entryway / cargo ramp, or elevator ramps.
  • Docking with a moving ship lags behind, causing a large snap into the docked position
  • Docked merlin enter interactions don’t show when constellation is moving
  • Mounting weapon while holding a grenade will cause the player to enter a broken state upon exiting via interaction mode during low FPS
  • When refuelling quantum fuel with hydrogen at full, the ‘100% fuel’ announcement will repeat until quantum fuel is refilled
  • Character will suffocate for a few seconds whenever you change helmet
  • Weapon icon, Ammo count and Grenade count are missing from the user HUD
  • Leaving a trolley in a door way will clip through the floor erratically and can kill players

There is also a problem with Frame Rates and SDF shields… the shields lag behind a ship if you are going at speed making them essentially useless.

Bounty Missions seem to be broken sometimes and award a crime stat still.

The 3.13.0j Patch fixes quite a lot of issues with the PTU and I am surprised it’s not out to a wider audience yet but some of the bugs are probably a priority to fix and blockers for a wider release. I was expecting Open PTU if not live by now BUT that is just unfortunately one of the facts of Star Citizen, there are delays but with PTU phases and LIVE builds it’s typically only a few days or couple of weeks so… it’s bearable…