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Star Citizen News – They Are Working On Exploration & New StarMap App!

Welcome to the Star Citizen News for the week ending the 11th April 2021. We summarize and compact all the the infos into manageable chucks and there is a lot to delve into today. 

Star Citizen Alpha 3.13.0 is still wave 1 

We have had a couple of PTU patches j & k with the latest 3.13.0k patch having a few little bug fixes which we will go at the end of the video. 

Get Informed with the Roadmap Update & Monthly Report 

There was a Sneak Peek of the Redeemer this week… it’s planned for the 3.15 Patch, hopefully we will see more on the ship’s development over the next few weeks. 

The Star Citizen Roadmap update this week was meaty with new features like Persistent Hangars and Habs, the upcoming Starmap Rework,detect/finding POI , Underwater Rendering and more. I am extremely excited for exploration mechanics that are possible from these feature focuses. 

We had the Star Citizen & Squadron 42 Monthly Reports 

There were lots of Behavior Updates for AI. 

But they showed a teaser of Crusader and talked about Colonial Outposts, hospitals for all the various Major Landing Zones, they are working on creatures, an unannounced ship, the reputation system, scanning and server meshing. 

Check out the full breakdowns of Monthly Reports and the Roadmap on my Channel! 

Star Citizen Live: All About Alpha 3.13 

Ship Names are smaller than you’d expect on the side of a ship as they need to make room for upto 32 characters… and it doesn’t scale. Long term they will be larger. 

The ROC DS will be sold and have a FAQ in the future. 

The vehicle is supposed to be a multi-crew version of the ROC with a more powerful laser and a huge amount more cargo space. 

Cargo gameplay is getting some updates & Missions that will make use of the Hercules and other cargo ships. 

The addition of trolleys and push / pull in 3.13 is to get the feature tested, it will be utilized in lots of systems in the future. 

They are looking at ways to not punish players for 30k’s and bugs when it comes to ship, component and cargo loss. 

3.13 might see an increased frame rate for some users as more CPU cores are utilized better. 

They will be iterating on Cave Gameplay based on feedback from 3.13. 

They are looking to potentially add caves to asteroids. 

There is going to be an economy overhaul and where commodities good are and how much of them there are is going to see some redistribution. 

We will be able to match speed with target again. 

Players can spawn a maximum of 3 ships before the first ship/vehicle despawns. 

Reputation is going to really affect how we play the game. 

Let’s go over the latest 3.13.0k Patch Notes: 

  • Enabled ship firing within the Port Olisar Greenzone 
  • Fixed an issue causing ships to becoming impounded shortly after summoning them 
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to interact with any seat in multiple vehicles if they leave it while in Quantum Travel / QT 
  • Ship loadouts should no longer be removed when naming a ship 
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the player to let go of pushable trolleys when it wasn’t intended 
  • Alt-tabbing out of the game and back in, when it is set to fullscreen, should no longer cause the image to become frozen 
  • Docked merlin enter interactions should now show when Constellation is moving 
  • The RSI Constellation Andromeda should no longer be missing doors and elevators when spawned with livery green paint 
  • Players should no longer be missing the animation or get stuck in seats when using “Sit” at multiple locations as a female character 
  • Fixed an issue causing ships to fall through a planet surface collision after entering the pilot’s seat upon return from logout 
  • Fixed an issue causing the Star Runner Fuel scoop to not gather enough fuel to restore ship’s fuel tank 
  • Exiting a vehicles turret while moving the mouse should no longer cause the players steering to be stuck 
  • Fixed an issue causing Ground Vehicle Remote Turrets to not fire 
  • When the player is interrupted via a mission details pop up while using the search bar in the Delphi tab thier game should no longer become unresponsive upon leaving the mobiGlas view 
  • Fixed an issue causing mission locations around New Babbage from appearing 
  • Fixed missing geometry near the cave entrance near Lorville causes player to fall through the world 
  • Opening mobiGlas or equipping an item during MedPen Heal animation should no longer cause the player to pull out another MedPen that doesn’t work 
  • ReplaceMe textures should no longer be present on the floor of the Lorville customs gate 
  • Fixed 2 Client & 2 Server crashes