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Is Port Olisar PvP Hell in the Latest Star Citizen?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a bit of Drama and some Dev Responses… the Death Zone of Port Olisar, are CIG coming back to their offices, ships looking worse after an update & the MSR doors and pressure… 

Port Olisar 3.13 – CIG? Hello, is anyone there? 

Some Players are calling Port Olisar a “Death Zone”, Campimus Prime or “PvP Hell”, Grief-zilla… I made up a couple of those… but basically the GreenZone for firing your pew pews has gone from PO… in the 3.13.0 PTU currently and that has caused an area that was heavily camped by PvPers to be even more so. PO doesn’t have the same coverage for Turrets and Security either but has a huge volume (or at least did) of players passing through it. 

The Original Poster Said: 

“It’s like we’re taking steps backwards instead of forwards, the turrets obviously cant defend the station and everyone knows it, maybe that’ll be solved before it hits live (if it hits live at all) but that doesn’t solve the core issue that PVPers have no content! Give the PVP community some content, even just a crumb, so they aren’t left with camping PO and alienating themselves from the rest of the SC community. Can anyone seriously say they wanted this “feature” in the next patch? 

Guys? CIG? You’re tearing the community apart, and maybe that’s an exaggeration, but every night I log into the PU I see at least 4-5 people going at in global chat with somebody camping PO. Some of the people who get randomly ganked pulling into the station log off and don’t get back on. I know you say you’re “listening”, but it really seems like you’re not taking community feedback seriously.” 

I think a lot of PvPers just want some tangible gameplay and a bit of a focus, a lot of the more PvE oriented folks don’t want to be randomly attacked and killed while they are flying around in a Prospector for no reason and want game systems there to deal with that. 

Some people are just taking advantage of the GreenZone Removal to watch the world burn. 

The thing with PO is that it is not adequately defended to deal with people camping it… even high paying missions to deal with criminals in that area could do a lot to deal with that… 

We know that PvP and PvE gameplay needs to be supported and that we don’t want anarchy, so hopefully CI will give us an update and Roadmap Plans of when we can expect to see what. 

But some players seem to think that this change of the relaxing of the Green Zone is for the Next Major XenoThreat like Event the Nine Tails Lockdown. 

At some point we are going to be able to draw our FPS weapons in locations properly too… when that happens if there are not adequate game systems in place that really will be anarchy… 

Jared (Disco Lando) made a comment recently that CIG were slowly coming back to their offices, and there was a thead – This makes me so happy to see Disco and others back in the offices! Keep up the good work, CIG! 

Disco Responded in some more detail: 

I am back in the office part time because I am vaccinated and I choose to be. I was tired of having a television studio in the middle of my living room and the area where I shoot is still quite sequestered from the rest of the office. The overwhelming majority of my work is still being done from home. 

I would caution against taking this to mean anything more than what I said in the show: the VERY BEGINNING of a very SLOW and deliberate process of life returning to normal. I imagine many of us have many more days of WFH ahead of us still, including me all but a small handful of hours a week. 

Still, it’s really nice to be back, even if only for a couple hours a week. 

There was a thread The Gladius isn’t the only thing getting love in 3.13! 

Pointing out the MPUV looks like it’s had a few model and paint changes… it’s now a brighter orange and looks to me like it’s lost some detail… Though some people may disagree, I think it looks a lot more toy like than before… I am not sure I like the changes. 

It has mixed responses from the community… 

We had a MSR interior thread: 

Any idea when the lock functionality of the MSR doors will come back? The ability to lock open the MSR doors would be a big thing for me to play with my MSR more! 

This is working now in the PTU but there was a follow up question of note: 

I’d like them to automatically close when the room is being depressurized to protect the rest of the ship, or when the room is filled with fire, or if a poisonous external atmosphere from a hostile environment (planet or moon) is pouring in through an opening. This would resemble how bulkhead doors behave in ocean-going vessels: They close even without main power being on. 

CIG’s Calix Reanu Responded: 

This is indeed the plan, and the logic to support this has already been implemented and should be ready to plug into the sensor entities that actually detect changes in pressure or toxic gases when those come online. 

I think it was featured in an older ISC video, but the intended behavior is that the connected doors will close automatically and will disable the proximity sensors until pressure is restored or the gasket behavior is disabled. You’ll still be able to manually open and close doors (unless otherwise enforced by a proper airlock system), but you won’t have to worry about accidentally venting the ship just by walking by anymore. 

Boom that’s it for some Star Citizen Drama and Dev Response today.