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Roadmap Update – Nyx System & Polaris

Every 2 weeks we get a Star Citizen Roadmap Update, this time it just looked at changes on the Progress tracker, this is the part of the roadmap that tracks work and tasks BUT doesn’t necessarily have confirmed dates for release of those features yet and as such they are not confirmed or suspected for any particular patch at this stage:

The Release View has appeared to remain the same so no Features being added/removed there.

There were some Features that have been added to the Progress Tracker:

AI – Off Duty Activities – Sleeping

The sleeping behavior is a segment of our new civilian behavior system, controlling how the AI sleeps, relaxes, and socializes in bed. We will support single beds, bunk beds and beds with privacy shutters in this first iteration.

AI – Off Duty Activities – Hygiene

The hygiene behavior is a segment of our new civilian behavior system, making the AI feel more realistic by scheduling toilet breaks, sometimes washing hands, and increasing hygiene values by taking daily showers.

Current work on those features warps up in the end of April and June Respectively and you can probably expect the same or similar animations for sleeping and hygiene associated Player Status system effects for hygiene BUT you aren’t going to see any peepees… tiny or otherwise.

Boreal Stalker

Implementing the boreal stalker creature into the game. Created by microTech genetic engineers to fill the apex predator niche within their planet’s ecosystem, the boreal stalker roams its tundras searching for prey. I assume this is the microTech Yeti. Character and Art Tech work wraps up with that in mid June Currently.

Third Person Camera V2

Adding improved follow behavior to the third-person camera, with increased support for ground vehicles. The camera will also fully disconnect during accidents for more cinematic crashes.

Planned work for that wraps up for the end of the year.

There have been a couple of changes to Features

The Security Service Feature has been renamed to NPC Tracker Service and is otherwise in the same location on the Progress Tracker.

More interesting are the changes to Nyx – The Nyx System, Planet, and Mission Setup:

Due to work being done on each planet of the Nyx system simultaneously, it is currently tricky to accurately display these tasks on the Progress Tracker. Therefore we’ve combined all deliverables into one, similar to how we represent the Pyro System.

The Planet Content Teams current work on that wraps up at the end of June and it’s probably the Star System we will see after Pyro BUT also I am expecting to see Nyx and Pyro at CitizenCon 2021.

Some features have been temporarily removed from the Progress Tracker:

  • Options Screen Rework – Which I was hoping we’d get with Gen12 Render & Vulkan Updates.

The More Squadron 42 focused fighters being the

  • Anvil F8 Lightning
  • F7A Mk1 Gold Standard
  • F7A Mk2 Gold Standard

And the RSI Polaris now, just because they are removed currently does not necessarily mean that they are  being massively pushed back or anything with CI saying:

There are planning meetings that finish later this month and this weill determine where they will all land on the schedule. This could potentially be more of a prioritization thing and could see a couple of these pushed up the schedule… I think a lot of people want to see the Polaris and I was hoping it would be in our hands flyable by the middle of 2022… but we will have to wait and see in a couple of weeks time to work out whether that is possible.

I thought it was interesting that it was the UEE Navy and SQ42 ships that seem to be being talked about there as well… they are obviously important to the PU too and used at events like Fleet Week, IAE and likely the dynamic events in some situations in the future.