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Star Citizen Alpha 3.13.0 IS LIVE

Star Citizen 3.13.0 IS NOW LIVE and is named Underground Infamy this is due to some focus on the Reputation System and New Caves and Cave Combat Missions for this Patch.

There was no wipe for this patch for your assets and ships so you should have all your gear from 3.12 BUT there has been a reputation wipe to accommodate the new Rep System.

Let me highlight all the important Updates to 3.13:

There has been a bit of a visual improvement on the Moons of Hurston and microTech as well as Yela getting new assets and tweaks. There are also new Asteroids in some locations too.

Ships also get visibly dirty, scratched and worn over time… you can clean your ship when it gets repaired at stations/landing zones.

Some Ships now have unique serial numbers that appearing on them and players with a MSR, 600i, 890j, Hammerhead, Carrack or Reclaimer can name these ships in the RSI Website Hangar and those names will appear on the side of your ship.

We now have the ability for the Constellation and P52/P72 Snub to dock / undock with each other… meaning you can actually transport and use this snub much more readily now.

SDF (Signed Distance Field) Shield Effects, that make them look awesome, but also fix shield hole issues from previous versions.

The Reputation Manager showing you your rep with Orgs and Mission Givers in the game and letting you grow your rep with them for increased rewards.

There are new caves, sink holes for ships to explore, larger entracnces for vehicles to drive in and FPS Combat / Bounty Hunting Missions to do in caves now too.

There are a variety of new cargo missions with timed and quantum sensitive packages.

You can find a new harvestable on Hurston’s Coastline the Degnous Root.

There are updated Force Reactions with staggers if your ship takes a hit while you are walking around or your hit but it’s not enough to knock you over you may lose some control in your movement as you get knocked about.

There are Mining Sub Components you can add to lasers on the Prospector and Mole enabling you to further customize your ship for your needs. 

The addition of Trolleys and the ability to load them up with cargo or players and move them around.

The GreyCat ROC-DS (Dual Seat) is on sale and available in 3.13.

It’s a larger ROC that has a more powerful dedicated controlled articulated mining laser that allows it to potentially reach mineable that are in awkward places but also mine them more quickly and easily and from a longer range.

Along with this is has around 4 times the carry capacity of a normal ROC, tho it still fits in ships like the MSR anything that can fit an Ursa Rover basically. It’s available from $70… tho this is certainly one I’d either get in game OR miss as I prefer the Single Seater ROC.

There are a host of paints available for the ROC-DS, Nomad & MSR which are all also on sale as is the Cyclone MT which also went live 3.13 basically upgrading the TR’s design with an integrated missile launcher with it’s cannon. 

Until the 10th of May there is also a referral bonus, if you recruit a player that purchases a $40+ Gamepackage OR ship then you’ll both get an Aurora ES on your account… in fact they have given everyone one to try for the duration of the promotion. 

Beyond all that there are loads of other updates in the patch, improvements to the Law System, Additional Missions, Medipens are useables that can be dropped, the MSR, Talons & Nomad have been added to the in game shops, there are CPU and Performance Optimizations, new eye colors for characters, mounted guns that can be used at POI like salvage yards and bunkers as well as a load of bug fixes too. I’ll cover all of that in a full patch notes video in the very near future.

There are a few Known Issues, I’ll highlight the most Game Breaking for you so you can avoid them:

  • Logging back in from a Bed logout can cause an infinite load issue and can require an account reset.
  • Placing boxes on ship lifts is not possible
  • Elevators at Grim Hex can break
  • Ships may not be able to Quantum with more than 1 player on the bridge.
  • Cannot refuel or rearm at New Babbage
  • There can be a long delay between pick up storing of items & 
  • Picking up a weapon can break some animations such as leaning, crouching & jumping.
  • Also the User Folder is now located in installfolder\USER\Client\0\ 

Boom that is Alpha 3.13 live in a nut shell… you can expect a 3.13.x patch or patches within the next couple of months, we will see the Nova Tank, Hercules Starlifter C2 & M2, Ship to Station Docking and Spawn Lockers all being added during that time!

And that’s it I hope you enjoy 3.13 live.