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Star Citizen News Week Ending 25th April 2021

Hello & Welcome to the Star Citizen News for the week ending the 25th April 2021.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.13 is now live with various new content to try including new missions for cargo & caves and a huge host of improvements and minor additions. However there is still quite a bit more to come with the 3.13 cycle and we are waiting on the Hercules Starlifter, Tank & Ship to Station docking amongst other things still too.

As part of 3.13’s Release there are some Sales Now On – The Cyclone MT, ROC-DS, MSR, Nomad & Ship Paints are all available to buy if you are interested.

There is also a Aurora ES Referral Bonus promo on at the moment, recruit someone to the game that spends at least $40 by 10th May and you both get an Aurora ES!

Inside Star Citizen this week looked at the work the Gameplay Area Focused Turblent Studio is working on towards their goal of building whole star systems in the future. Currently they are working on Hospitals, Habs, Rooftop Gameplay and more.

We also had a sprint report that looked at, VFX Work on Thrusters to make them more visible at distance, Plants for areas like Pyro, Colonel Outposts, Work towards making the Sabre Gold Standard, the Hercules Starlifter with new storage onboard and A2 Cluster Bombers as well as the Redeemer and how that’s currently looking!

We had a Roadmap Update that added various Features to the Progress Tracker – AI behaviors for Sleep & Hygiene (bathroom visits), the Boreal Stalker otherwise known as the microTech Yeti, an updated 3rd person camera. The Nyx System’s Features all got bundled together as well and there are some expectations that it might be ready in the not too distant future. Some ships have been removed from the roadmap while they workout where they are going to go that be the F7A MK1 & 2 Hornet, F8 Lightning as well as the Polaris… however we should hear more soon. The Options Screen Rework is also affected in the same way.

The Star Citizen Live this week was on FPS Map Design.

They try to build areas to balance gameplay and that are interesting to look around and explore. 

They experimented with building a cave system and underground bunker. These are built in a modular fashion and they are able to add to the systems easily, updating them with more tools and assets without having to completely remake everything.

Doors, Elevators and additional Rooms are pretty easy to bolt on too.

Cave parts are a bit more complex to connect to other terrain and might need additional blending but the tools set supports all of that already.

The Newsletter Teaser this week is of the Constellation Taurus that’s planned for 3.14 at the end of June.