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Inside Star Citizen Summary Orison & Armor

Star Citizen shared with us more details and visuals of the Crusader Orison Location and New Armors being worked on in the latest Inside Star Citizen: Armor Bearer, let’s take a look of a summary of that:

We got to see more of Crusaders Orison Industrial Platform coming with Alpha 3.14.

It’s very much a work in progress and what we saw was at various levels of white/greybox.

Crusader are a big Ship manufacturer in game and Orison will have large ship yard platforms. Using the breathable environment above a gas giant they built the Provance Platform which was their original Naval Shipyard.

Orison was built in mid with look pretty, floating gardens… think of Bioshock Infinite BUT actually a Utopia.

There is the August Dunlow Space Port (named after Crusaders FOunder), Cloud View Centre (the main hab and commercial area), that leads to the Province Platform which is focused at ship manufacturing.

They are currently going through a lighting pass for the area.

It looks like Shuttles will move you around Orison as public transport.

There is a focus on tourism here and the Crusader Discovery Center has a focus for new visitors to the area. You can buy merch and have a great view of ships being built and it sounds like there might be actual tours you can go on.

They took thru a workers entrance, they will have an area to get uniforms, then leads onto a workers only gate that is supposed to lead to transport that takes them around the DryDock.

I’d expect that to be a Spawn Closet in the short term tho.

There is an area for cargo ships to drop off loads for ship construction.

The whole platform is pretty massive.

They showed off some escape pods that are hopefully there just for lore… makes sense you’d want to be able to escape if the platform starts to fall.

They have built these areas to be further expanded in the future, service and sub areas and they have screens that could be interactable in the future too all around. I’d expect to see engineering missions all around here at some point.

They want to give a sense of vertigo and you are floating in the sky… 

V1 of Orison is coming in 3.14 and the V2 version with a load more stuff is planned by the end of 2021.

They are making new armors driven by the CitizenCon 2949 Pipeline Improvements.

There is a heat suit, the first of it’s kind and a non modular armor (one piece)… focusing more on fabric rather than combat protection. A Utilitarian Expeditioner Heavy Heat Resistant Armor

They had some cool ideas with steam vents that players could well vent on their suit but decided against it.

They are building some GreyCat Utility Armor and it’s very industrial looking. It uses the multitool to influence the look of the armor.

Players need to enjoy wearing the given armor and it needs to serve a functional in game purpose. The look of the armor is directly impacted by it’s function throughout it’s creation.

The RSS Heavy Armors are influenced by SWAT Gear; it has lots of wrapped cloth areas and armored pads. Arctic Ops, Blackout & Fallout versions have also been concepted too.

There is an unnamed armor (tho it did have some Stanton military and security versions), It’s Modular and looks a bit like a Quarian from Mass Effect cross with some WarFrame armor. There are unique pieces on this armor with it’s cowl and breathing hose. This is the first armor that they are planning to have set bonuses for when certain armor pieces being used together with it being visually represented. If you have this particular helmet and torso piece then a breathing tube will appear on the model too and the cowl.

Does this have an additional in game bonus… probably BUT it wasn’t mentioned specifically.

Also this armor has a cape… everyone loves capes right?

They want a large range of specialist armors and cool looking armors, they look at unique silhouettes. Character Customization and gear choice is going to increase… a lot.