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May Star Citizen & Channel Update

Hello & Welcome to a May Star Citizen & Channel Update… what’s coming up this month from CI, Star Citizen and content plans from us at BoredGamer.

Firstly Our April Giveaway Winner is Smaney they won a Mercury Star Runner.

May’s Giveaway is this time for a Crusader Hercules Starlifter… I think we should be having that in our hands towards the end of May soo it makes sense for a giveaway!

May is a massive month for CI and Star Citizen as it’s Fleet Week… 

This starts on the 21st of May and there are things running until the 1st of June… actually the FreeFly is going onto the 3rd.

We will be covering each day of the event as different manufacturers take focus. There will be sales, an expo hall, rentable ships there, a freefly (starting the 22nd).

BUT we can go and explore the internals of a Navy Javelin… the War Hammer. That’s pretty exciting!

There have been hints that the Bengal might even be seen… maybe.

Typically we get a concept or straight to flyable ship here too.

A Huge amount of the years Star Citizen funding typically comes from Fleet Week.

Last year it was amazing as an event BUT also all the server broken and imploded… that’s going to be something CI will be keen to avoid.

If all goes well, we will be looking round the expo hall each day and taking in all the sight and sounds of the expo! I cannot wait for Fleet Week, I am mega-hyped… we could see all kinds of cool stuff in the holoviewer, out in space with the fleet, in the Javelin and with new concepts or even straight to flyables. Some people even seem to think the NineTails Lockdown is going to start here too, tho I think it’s doubtful… I suppose it might happen straight after the end of Fleet Week… maybe…

Will Star Citizen’s Fleet Week be as successful financially as last year when it saw May Raise over $15million?

Will the Servers implode like they did last year?

We will be getting a new Live Patch as well with Alpha 3.13.1 shortly. CI have said that it should contain (at least by fleet week) the Crusader Hercules Starlifter & Nova Tank

But on the PTU currently they have Ship to Station Docking working, a billion fixes and Some hidden features – like Commodity Alerts.

This patch deployment should leave 3.13 stable… at least that’s the plan.

In the next couple of days we are getting the Monthly Reports… these give us sooo much info on a huge range of aspects of development. We should see some bits on Fleet Week, 3.14, future events and what CI are currently focused on.

There are some videos I want make in the next couple of weeks:

Obviously anything Fleet Week or Alpha 3.13.1 related

Tours of the Hercules & Tank will be quickly put up

Any quickstart updates for a 3.13.1 Start Here Star Citizen

How to use the Issue Council & Best Practices of Giving Feedback

A Deeper Look at the Nyx System

Modularity and what it means for ships

Colonial Outposts

Capacitor Gameplay Plans

A Deeper Look into Orison & Crusader

Hospitals & Incoming Medical Gameplay

You’ll also get all the standard coverage of the news and official show summaries.

Patch Notes too… I like those quick and dirty videos… 

I am also expecting this month that CI will show more on Crusader, Orision, Habs, Medical Gameplay, Hospitals, Scanning Updates, the Connie Taurus, Retaliator Modularity… hopefully we will see some bits on Pyro, Salvage and the Ares too.

Other Content

We are planning to start the Org Spotlight again… stuff keeps getting in the way.

Me and zin will occasionally doing out hot takes and chatting in podcast style about star citizen.

I do want to open this up a bit wider at some point, I miss the old Redacted Format and also really like SaltEMike’s AnswerTheCall.

I am also going to start fundraising for a Big Bar Citizen later this year is the plan. I like the idea of renting a nice pub for a day, having a pub quiz, have a few dev talks and a bit of a big social with some activities. I’d probably run it up in Manchester but basically near the CI Wilmslow Studio. I am going to work out some plans for that over the next couple of weeks.

Health wise I have been going to the Doctor and Hospital loads over the last few weeks. Basically I probably have IBS but there is a load of tests that they are going through to confirm that… I am overly health conscious but better known about and treated at the earliest possible stage.

I massively cheated on my diet over the bank holiday weekend… I had chinese and pizza and much alcohol… I am a monster BUT I am back to keto now. I am planning on sticking with the diet until the end of May and potentially into June before trying to find a balance in my diet.

Zin’s learning to drive, it’s odd neither of us drive in our mid 30s… right… but I suppose our carbon footprint is pretty low maybe…

I am going to continue to shill for NordVPN as I like the product and I genuinely thing VPNs are mega important in the current world.

Separate from that Shadow has been acquired by another company which is good news BUT I want to see what plans and in what state that leaves them in before shilling for their cloud based gaming services once again!

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Boom… May… Lots of Cool Stuff… Let’s hope we see the Polaris turn back up in the Progress Tracker and that Fleet Week is amazeballs.