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Star Citizen News – Fleet Week Is Going To Be BIG Are You Ready?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News going over the last 7 days goings on for the week ending the 9th May 2021 AND there has been a lot of stuff going on to kick may off.

There is a Star Citizen Alpha 3.13.1 Open PTU has added some more bits to the universe in preparation for Fleet Week.

The Hercules Starlifters C2 and M2 which are big boys!

The Nova Tank… which is also big…

They can be a bit buggy on the PTU currently tho.

You can also make use of Ship to Station Docking.

Fleet Week Starts on the 21st of May AND CI are really pushing for it.

Oh Something else that was in that latest PTU drop is they reversed the PvE Bounty Changes, so now it’s easier to get to your bounty again… GOOD MOVE CIG.

There were and are some tests of the Fleet Week Expo Hall at New Babbage over the weekend. BUT ALSO the more expanded content too.

I’ve been able to see a Bengal Carrier, and tour a Javelin’s internals as well as have some sneak peeks at Fleet. You can see those tidbits on my channel now!

Inside Star Citizen

Sprint Report showed updates to hospitals currently being worked on, gas clouds, new armors and even some of the habitation platforms at Orison on Crusader.

Scanning & Radars are getting some major updates, ping blobs will have more information and data, you’ll be getting more data from scans, signatures can be masked by other larger ships.

SC Live – Followed on from the Scanning, we should see major scanning updates over the next 2 quarters. This will come for ships first but Vehicles and Infantry in the future too.

The size of the ship component will massively influence the scan range and ability, smaller ships, vehicles and players will have smaller ranges for example.

You’ll have specific types of scanners BUT also we will be able to share and combine scanning data or otherwise link it for a better overview of a situation.

We will be able to detect POI and valuables, save the data and sell it.

They have been optimizing HUDs and we might see customization of them in the future.

Signatures, electronic warfare, environment management, cross section & stealth mechanics are going to all be important parts of the game. 

HighPowered Scanners may be able to detect the small ships masked in a larger group signature.

You will be able to use co-pilot seats to scan in 3.14 and the data will be available to other stations.

We had the Monthly Reports come out highlighting many AI and behavior updates, work towards the Gen12 Render and Vulkan, New Features like Inventory, Capacitors, New Missions, lots on Orison…

We also know from the Roadmap Round Up that CI are working on an announced ship (or ships) for release this year that’s likely to be: The Vulture, Hull-C or Corsair HOWEVER they also revealed beyond those they are also working on the Banu Merchantman & San’Tok’Yai… unfortunately the Polaris has yet to return to the Roadmap. 

We had a post of some bits coming later in May that we haven’t previously mentioned… Later this month we are getting a Quantum, Quasar, and Virtual AI Update – Get an update on Star Citizen’s systemic architecture, including the Quantum simulation that will drive the universe and some new tools and technology that will enhance and extend the Star Citizen experience, directly from Persistent Universe Game Director Tony Zurovec.

There is also a Spectrum AMA on the Reputation System for Thursday, May 13… this will have the community posing questions on Spectrum for various devs that are working on the systems to answer….