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RSI Scorpius Ship Buyers Guide

The RSI Scorpius is the latest Heavy Fighter offering from Cloud Imperium.

It’s a 2 crew ship with no interior beyond the cockpit.

This is an adaptable Heavy Fighter with a lot of firepower.

It has various wing configurations, it can have them out like a x-wing, folded down like a standard set of wings OR folded back almost looking like an Aurora.

A central feature of the ship is a large remote turret that is uniquely rail mounted allowing for it to move from the top to the bottom of the ship and fire effectively at the front and rear.

The Ship has a host of small components notably 2 shields & 2 power plants.

Weapons wise it’s 4x S3 hardpoints on the wings with S2 gimballed laser repeaters standard and the remote turret that has 4x S3 Laser Repeaters… that’s pretty shooty.

There is also a selection of 8xS2 Missiles.

It’s on sale from $200 warbond OR $220 with store credit… the warbond version comes with LTI but the non-warbond still comes with 10 years to celebrate invictus… 

Concierge has access to purchase a Stinger Paint for the ship… it’s black with a scorpion painted on it!

The Loaner for the ships is a Hurricane & F7A Super Hornet.