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New Star Citizen Environments

Star Citizen have given us a lovely environments update for various locations in the game they are currently in development in a recent sprint report…

The New Babbage Brentworth Hospital is now in it’s final art phase.

It looks like a fully fleshed out area now with all the details and props furnishing the location you’d expect. Even tho some of the medical gameplay has pushed back to 3.15 we may well see these locations still pop up from 3.14 onwards.

They are R&Ding some new canyons, prototyping various types and ways of making them… stretching their tech to the max… literally. This helps create more dynamic terrain.

Colonial Outposts are seeing more work. They are making various pot plants and personal harvestables. It sounds like they are pushing the player habs to be in these areas in some form and we may have to take care of plants to keep them alive?

Homesteads are making their way through greybox and are very much making good progress, the living areas, hubs and connection areas are all much more fleshed out.

And there was a planet that they teased that they are going to start showing in the next quarter, assumedly in the Pyro System.

They showed off Orison the Crusader Landing Zone and it’s gardens at night.

The area is by far my favorite location in game and I want to make the city there my home.

It still needs a lighting pass and the addition of gas clouds and a bit more polish to really make it come to life.

They did talk a bit more about the New RSI Scorpius that will be on sale to everyone through Fleet Week from $200 and is planned to be release in Alpha 3.17 Q1 2022.

It’s a 2 Seater Heavy Escort Fighter

Pilot & Remote Turret Gunner

There is No interior, both enter the ship through port side ladders

It’s going to get stronger as they improve multi-crew gameplay

The Loaner for the ships is 

We have covered the ship in quite a lot of detail in a Ship Buyers Guide, that I will link below if you are interested in knowing more.

And that’s it… Fleet Week is incoming in a matter of hours, if not already by the time you watch this.

There have been further minipatches for 3.13.1 further fixing more bugs in preparation for that event and the freefly.It’s worth mentioning IF you log on during fleet week you will get yourself a Invictus 2951 Leather Jacket as a bit of in game flair… they will hand those out starting June 10th!