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Your Guide To Star Citizen’s Fleet Week

Fleet Week is a Yearly Ship Sale, FreeFly and Major in game event each year for Star Citizen at the end of May, that in lore marks the United Empire of Earth Navy recruiting AND a big combat ship expo.

From Now until the 1st of June Fleet Week is on and you can see all the latest info on

You can also Try Star Citizen For Free until the 3rd of June as well and take part in the event, which will allow you to try all the ships that are at the Expo… However all the benefits, perks and events at fleet week are open to EVERYONE new players and old.

If you don’t have one all you need to do is make a Star Citizen Account (you can do that via the links below) and then go to the Fly Now page and follow the instructions.

Everyone is Given an Avenger Titan to try throughout AND everyone is given a Free Fleet Week Jacket Flair just for logging in during fleet week, they will be allocated (10th June)

The Expo being at the Tobin Convention Centre, New Babbage on microTech, you can just follow the signs once you are at New Babbage on the tram system to get there.

There is a main expo hall that shows off that day’s focused manufacturers (that changes every 48 hours), you can Hold F left click and rent most of those ships for free while in front of them in the hall. Rentals last for 48 hours and each vehicle can be rented once.

Underneath that area is a holodeck which will show various ships that are in production BUT are not yet ready to be shown off in all their glory in game.

Ship & Sale Schedule

21 & 22nd May is RSI, Origin, Consolidated Outland & Tumbril Manufacturers are on show.

23 & 24th it’s Aegis Dynamics

25th & 26th Crusader, Tumbril & MISC

27th & 28th Anvil

On the 29th – 30th May Drake will be taking over a Hall in the SpacePort of New Babbage for their own little expo. Also from here until the 1st of June you’ll be able to rent all of the ships that were previously available from the kiosk… so don’t worry if you missed out earlier.

There is a Giant Ship Sale on as well at the same time with additional ships being sold every 48 hours from that day’s manufacturers. As with the rest of fleet week it’s mainly combat, military and support ship focused. YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING IN GAME YOU DONT NEED TO BUY ANYTHING MORE THAN A STARTER PACKAGE TO CONTINUE PLAYING IN THE FUTURE!

There will be Limited Stock ships that will be sold in waves, you can only buy one of each and they go on sale in 3 waves after going live on the website.

That starts with when they go live at 4pm UTC Wave 1

Wave 2 12am UTC and Wave 3 is 8am UTC.

We’ve had the Constellation Phoenix then 23rd May has the Capitals Aegis Idris-P, it’s Aftermarket Kit, and the Aegis Javelin. The 29th May has Drake Kraken, Drake Kraken Privateer and the Conversion Kit for that available.

As a side note the RSI Polaris is now no longer a stock limited ship.

There is more going on too than just sales and the expo. During Invictus Launch Week, you can tour an in-service Javelin destroyer, the UEES War Hammer and See the UEE Navy Fleet move around with Idris, Hammerheads, Military Fighters and now even the MASSIVE Bengal Carrier.

These ships will move around the major space stations above planets in game and will stay there for around 90 mins before moving.

Info Panels appear at Landing Zones and stations showing where the Javelin & Bengal are, you will also be able to see the current position of the Fleet on the Starmap (once they have arrived at their location)

It seems the Fleet Moves from Port Tressler (microTech) to Baijini Point (ArcCorp) to Everus Harbour (Hurston) and then back to Port Tressler.

To Tour the Javelin you must land at the Space Station it’s docked at, then use the elevators there to go to one of the Secure Docks A/B/C… the info panels should tell you exactly where it is… don’t be on board when it leaves dock tho… you have been warned.

There are Exclusive Blue & Gold Invictus Ship Paints available only during Fleet Week.

As well as Discount Game Packages with the Aurora MR or Avenger Titan with a Invictus Paint Job.

How Do I play, I have various tutorials on my Channel BUT also there is a good starter guide in the Weclome HUB which I’ll link below as well.

The New RSI Scorpius Heavy Fighter is on sale throughout fleet week, it’s planning to be in game Q1 2022… it’s a 2 seater, x-wing inspired fighter with multiple wing modes and a very flexible remote turret on a rail.

There is a screenshot competition for tourist photos during fleet week.

And there is even the Metro Race Loop Competition which appears to have Thrust Master onboard. You have to fly through all of the metro support columns in the Avenger Titan for that.

Boom that’s Fleet Week 2021 / 2951 in a nutshell… be sure to jump in and participate with the celebrations whether you are a new, returning or veteran player!