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Inside Star Citizen Summary – Old Cat New Tricks

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a quick summary of the Roadmap Updates and ISC Old Cat, New Tricks which also had a sprint report… actually let’s just jump in with that.

Sprint Report Time

The UI team have been updating the tools and systems to use building blocks for elevators, transit and trains, these can now easily be changed, customized and added to.

They are close to completing out the GreyCat Armor Suit that was shown with the ROC-DS. It’s meant for supporting the mining role and in yellow it looks sweet.

Props are looking at hacking which is scheduled for 3.15. They are currently working on chips and ports to access computers and these mechanics as well as visual styles for high-low tech.

We also got a little sneaky look at the Hacking Interface and potential mini-game for the mechanic. To me it looks like it’s going to be a pipe / light game where you have to connect the right nodes together, by flipping and placing pieces, in a time limit without tripping the wrong ones.

They showed off the Redeemer, this time tho we got to see the inside of the ship… with greybox of a manned turret, remote turret bay and hab module.

They are updating the Constellation dash boards for the new cockpit experience.

It’s going to have a touch screen holo interface, they showed some placeholder buttons in their clip tho.

The Ares is going thru whitebox currently and is pegged for 3.15 release.

We also saw the Crusader Shuttle that will be used to move players around the landing zone as the areas answer to transit. It’s a cool little bus.

We got more visuals for Orison at night and it’s transit map with the Spaceport, Industrial Platform and Cloud View Center appearing all to be available to visit in the upcoming 3.14.

There were a couple of changes to the Roadmap with Quantum Travel Updates, improved logins and tracking of player rewards all being added to the Progress Tracker.

Space/Mines and bombs have been split, with mines now coming later.

Utilitarian Garages for landing zones will likely come with the Nyx System.

Ladder & Prone character updates have taken a backseat to improving Actor Status V1 and the healing mechanics planned for 3.15.

We will be deep diving into the 3.14 patch and it’s plans in a video… so check that out on my channel.

Back to ISC we also had CI talk about a Giant Capital Ship that we saw at Fleet Week

They had to update the Bengal for fleet week to get in AI-Ready. It’s legacy assets needed replacing. They had to replace it’s main engines, new thrusters and update it for the IFCS2 system.

It’s covered in turrets that needed to be spaced out around the ship.

Its a massive amounts of entities that need to be optimized to not collapse your frame rate to 0 when it’s on screen.

AI modules are controlling the ship here using some new tech, it’s a big performance boost, allowing all the turrets to be active and tracking without as much of a performance hit. It’s also a big step toward AI blades and auto turrets.

This has push some of those features into development a bit more now and generally having the bengal updated is sensible as it’s needed for SQ42.