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Star Citizen June 2021 Update

There is quite a lot going on this June in Star Citizen and we’ll be covering all of it in a variety of videos and livestreams.

First tho the winner for the May Giveaway… congrats to Aaron Reese they won themselves a Hercules C2.

We have a New Giveaway for June and that’s for a Mercury Star Runner, it’s my favorite ship and my go-to for giveaways… I was going to do a Connie Taurus BUT I mean… I just love the MSR. It brings all of what you would want in a multirole ship allowing you to taste all of what Star Citizen has to offer as well as data running in the future.… 

I think that we are going to try and for the most part giveaway ships that are available in game… where sensible anyway.

All you need to do, to be in for a chance for winning that MSR is comment on any of my videos made during June 2021. More details in the comments below!

The next thing coming up is Alien Week, this will be around the 12th of June and celebrates first contact with the Banu BUT you’ll notice there wasn’t much in the way of alien ships during fleet week and that’s because they portion that out for alien week with various lore posts and alien focused posts, competitions and maybe some flair items… as well as ship sales. This year there are rumors that a new human-Xi’An Cargo Ship will go on concept sale as well, this would be the xi’an cargo ship that was previously mentioned at CitizenCon 2019.

Alpha 3.14 the Q2 Patch is supposed to go live around the end of June (tho typically there is a week or 2 of teething issues)… you can expect an Evocati then PTU test phase to start closer to the middle of this month BUT once it’s out of Evo, we will be covering that heavily on the channel. 

Tho we will take a look at what the expected patch contents are after the next Roadmap Update, as this should give us a relatively solid view of what’s going to make the patch.

There was a bit of disappointment with Medical Gameplay getting pushed back a quarter with the patch BUT it still has Orison, Crusader and some important features as well as the new capacitor gameplay.

We know an event the Nine Tails Lockdown is starting at some point in the near future… we just don’t know when… it could be this month, it could be after 3.14 is released, it could be with a 3.14.1 patch… it could get pushed back later.

This is a dynamic event following in the footsteps of XenoThreat, except various combat encounters and players working together to deal with large pirate fleets that have potentially locked down stations and areas of space.


Fleet Week this year looks to have raised around $12m in funding from ship sales which is pretty similar to the $13m last year… and there is still a little time left as the FreeFly doesn’t technically end until the 3rd… I want to do a bit of an analysis of the successes and failures of Fleet Week compared to last year and talk about ship sales in a focused video later this month. With that in mind, I would really like to know what you enjoyed or didn’t during fleet week… did you pickup a ship? Did you miss out because your F5 key pressing isn’t as good as a bots? Were you able to enjoy and play during fleet week unhindered? Or were you plagued by bugs?

SCLeaks reported that CIG are actively banning players that cheat, are bad actors or maybe even if you mod Star Citizen. I wanted to dive a bit more into this and talk about cheating, tos, modding and all of that jazz soon too.

How viable is it to get the ship of your dreams in game without spending any money? We’ll be talking about monetization vs grind and the joy as well as viability of getting your ships in game now and in the future.

Homesteads & Bases have been talked about a lot BUT what is actually planned for the short, medium and long term… well it’s all a bit unclear actually, so a focused video talking about what has previously been said and what the more recent updates have suggested is on the cards.

Star Citizen is in Alpha but maintains a live game… so I wanted to look at major bugs, issues and short term gameplay improvements that could really make the game better and that I would like to see implemented ASAP or even ask the question WHY HASN’T THIS BEEN FIXED YET?

Roadmap Updates… we will be taking a focused look at the patch contents of each patch up to 3.17 as well in individual videos. I want to do some feature focuses of specific feature sets and groups that are on the progress tracker as well, talking a bit more about things like… animals in game, AI blades, NPC crew, new gameplay plans… there is a huge amount that CI are working on and shining a flashlight on some of those mid term plans is something that I really enjoy.

There are a load of ships that I want to do a deeper dive on and maybe update my ship buyers guides on. Things like the Javelin & Idris but also the Bengal now… along with the Redeemer… and various other ship update with the Vulture, Hull-C, Corsair and many others. Some will be a general updates compilation video others more focused on one ship or series.

You’ve got all the usual stuff as well…

Summaries of the monthly reports for both the Persistent Universe and Sq42… they will be with us in the next couple of days and are a wealth of Development Information.

You’ll get weekly news and official video summaries, 

Zin is enjoying doing a regular lore series at the moment and actively pokes me to release them… I think it’s doing pretty well on the channel, especially as something we don’t normally focus on. I think we will see Pyro, Nyx, the Xi’An and Alien Week be focuses for lore over the next month!

Other Stuff

We played a little bit of Eco recently but there were some server and crash issues so we moved onto starting a playthrough of conan isle of siptah and got our asses handed to us during the first purge on the server where an army of higher level better armed foes just smashed our bases. Games like Conan & Valheim that have these awesome rich PvE coop gameplay take up a large place in my heart!

Health wise… I’ve been on keto for a while… but over the last week I have smashed my diet with a hammer… and have just eaten loads of delicious random stuff I am not supposed to.

There is this amazing Asian Restaurant that’s close to me that’s started doing delivery and it’s like top tier restaurant food… directly into my mount… it’s dangerous.

I just need to get a handle on things…

I’ve had a pain in my side that’s been worrying me for a couple months BUT I’ve had a load of tests and the doctor doesn’t think I am in any form of imminent danger and that it’s probably IBS or something muscular and it’s not like mega painful or anything… I am getting older so BUT I do have a tendency to obsessively worry so… meh… I will go back to the doctor if anything changes tho. Mental and physical health are prioritized over most other things in my life and mental health wise I am doing pretty well I think.

Been pretty happy and stable for the most part, looking forward to the end of lockdown… hopefully that will be this month and then I can start doing bar citizens, board game conventions and office tours things like that again!

I’ve had my Corona Jab as well… I hate needles but it was done in an instance and I didn’t even feel sick afterwards, my arm was a little bruised for about a day.

I think they contact me for my 2nd jab… I’ll work it out. I had the pfizer one if anyone is interested.

I will be streaming a couple of times a week talking about Star Citizen news, sometimes playing a bit but mostly answering questions about the game, it’s roadmap, what I reckon and and talking to chat.

I am going to be shilling for NordVPN and JRFabrication this month. So VPNs and Model Ship Kits.

Boom that’s it for this June Star Citizen and Channel Update! There is a load to look forward to, roll on the Nine Tails Lockdown, Alien Week and Alpha 3.14!