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Massive Combat Changes Coming To Star Citizen Alpha 3.14

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, this time for the week ending 6th of June 2021.

Alpha 3.14 is in full production and you can expect it to go into testing in the next couple of weeks… we don’t know if it will make it’s planned live release date of the end of June yet.

Alien Week is the other thing that’s coming up soon, last year on the 12th of June, it celebrates alien ships and the different races in Star Citizen… we might see a new Alien Ship too with the rumors being a Xi’An Cargo Ship is on the cards.

Inside Star Citizen: Old Cat, New Tricks

Hacking gameplay is being worked on we saw some sneak peeks at concepts at some of the planned features and gameplay for the system that’s coming in 3.15.

We saw some of the interior of the Redeemer.

The Ares is going thru white box… with that in mind

There was also a Sneak Peek of the Ares Engines.

Orison is really coming together and we saw more of it at night and the shuttle bus that will move us around that new landing zone.

The Bengal mighty carrier that was seen at Fleet Week was a focus of the ISC.

It’s massive and they had to build some tech towards AI modules / blades to have a lightweight way of having so many turrets tracking and firing at targets.

Roadmap Update

Capacitor Gameplay is coming but is now renamed Power Management V2… in 3.14 there will be massive changes to combat with decisions to make with your power systems as well as the new Missile Updates.

Quantum Travel, Logins and Reward Tracking has been added to the Progress Tracker.

Mines have been delayed but Bombs are still planned 3.15.

They are working on Nyx and New Garages will come with the Star System for the landing zones there.

Ladder, Prone and the Player Status 2 are delayed too BUT Player Status 1 is getting more work.

Star Citizen Live: Let’s Talk About Pedro

Pedro composes a load of music for Star Citizen and many other games, he has classical stylings, he is a very kind humble man while also being a massive SC fan and he composed the SC Theme Music, he actually contacted Chris Roberts about working together after seeing the Kickstarter. Music pieces are crafted with much thought about the zones they will be played in, with various music ingredients being used to make a delicious meal for your ears. They haven’t finished the music for Pyro yet.

Monthly Reports

Came out, I’ll give you a couple of highlights. 

There is lots of working going into Crusader, Orison, Nyx and Pyro.

An unannounced ship made great progress along with the Taurus, Ares, Vulture & Redeemer.

I think work on Backend and Quantum Universe Simulation excites me the most with work on some of the AI & NPC creation services going into the next release.

There was a huge amount in there, so please checkout my focused video on that subject and while your at it, you should check the current 3.14 patch plans as they have changed somewhat of the last few weeks.

And that’s it for the News this week. We have Alien week coming up real soon, do you think we will see something new ship wise? Are you looking forward to Alpha 3.14? Do you have any exciting plans for June? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.