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Gatac Railen Teaser

Hello… a load of teasers, updates and some drama today… we’ve had a bit of a Star Citizen new ship teaser of the Gatac Railen.

It’s a new ship that should be going on sale during alien week and for concierge potentially starting later today. Alien Week Starts proper this Friday 11th June.

We are (or at least I am) expecting this to be a Xi’An Cargo Ship, why is that?

Well… Gatac are a new manufacturer for producing cutting-edge and reliable cargo ships and have been working on a ship for the Human-XiAn Market.

Well RaiLen translates to Cargo… Peace, Safe, Without Issue (Thanks to Jale for translating that on Twitter)

Tho someone did suggest it could also translate into Bees & Beehive… which would certainly be more exciting.

It looks like it isn’t straight to flyable… but it’s release to flyable could range from for 3.14 to not after 3.17… we just don’t know yet.

Alien Week will have some competitions for you to get involved with, ship sales, that new Railen and a variety of alien themed posts from CI.

Talking about Competitions…. There was a Metroloop Race 2951 competition that CI ran during Fleet week, tasking players to complete a run around the transit systems pylons at microTech/New Babbage in a specific path in as fast a time as possible… in an Avenger Titan… 

The winner of that had the novel idea of removing their ships wings before doing their run… making them more streamlined and helping get under and through the pylons and helping with their speed and agility… so a lot of people were annoyed and salty about that HOWEVER as CI didn’t specify that your ship had to be undamaged OR any other rules other than as quickly as possible in the Avenger… well… I think it was just a clever way of doing it rather than an exploit personally. At the very least CI will need to be extremely clear about what counts in future competitions… otherwise players will get very creative.

I am interested to know if you think that destroying your wings before a run isn’t in the spirit of the competition… however PLEASE be civil.

SC Leaks have said 3.14 is in a build now and mostly locked in, so hopefully nothing else slips from that patch. It is expected to go to Evocati extremely soon… then Wider PTU and LIVE once it’s ready.

Distribution of the Leather Jacket Flair should be starting today, anyone that logged in during Fleet Week should be getting one over the next few days.

Sandi Gardiner has been actively posting on her Twitter Recently… she recently was in a CI board meeting and has promised to do short video update of some description in the near future with Chris Roberts. I think it’s more of hello to the community rather than a massive SC update BUT people ask if Sandi is still on the Project and where Chris is regularly so hearing from them is always a good thing!

Boom, that’s your teasers and drama for today BUT what do you think? Do you think the Railen is that Xi’An Cargo ship… of course you do! Are you looking forward to Alien Week? Do you think 3.14 is going to evocati this weekend? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.