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Star Citizen News – It’s Alien Week

Welcome to the Star Citizen News for the week ending 13th June 2021. Much is going on!

Alpha 3.14 Evocati is expected next Week… and hopefully the 1st wave PTU will follow on the week after IF the testing goes well.

Alien Week Started on Friday – There are various ship sales… in fact all the alien ships excluding the Scythe and Glaive appear to be on sale. The Banu Merchantman has gone up to $500 now as we expected… And I am expecting it to go up even more as they build it out and it goes Flyable.

There are are few competitions to get involved with too, you can see them here.

But it;s mostly sales centric… I am hoping we get some alien ship updates next week too.

That New Xi’An Cargo Ship is on sale as well from $200.

Gatac are a Xi’An manufacturer that have been working on Xi’An Human hybrid ships, their first that we have seen in the Star Citizen Universe is the new Concept Ship the Railen Multi-Crew Cargo Ship recommended for a group of 4.

The ship is a medium sized solid cargo hauler with a strong array of weapons that can be used by the crew to fend off targets. 2x turrets with 2x S4 weapons each and 16x S1 Missiles and 4x S2.

The 320 SCU of cargo is kept on the outside of the ship.

It has a tractor beam to help move and pickup cargo

And 3 decks with a grav lift that takes you through the whole ship and allows you to leave or enter from the belly. It has a large interior with 4 beds for the crew, large bathroom, kitchen, mess, turret & component access as well as room for all the crew to be on the bridge if they so want (tho in combat 2 of the crew should be on the turrets).

The Xian tech is cool and has lots of gravlev and assembled consoles that seeming build themselves in front of you.

There is no release date yet planned for the Railen but you get a Caterpillar and Karthual as loaners while it’s being built out.

Inside Star Citizen this week looked at that Gatac Railen and they said the speed behind concepting and creating ships is significantly more streamlined even with the more unique alien ones.

Also the Various Alien Races of Star Citizen’s Universe were talked about with a brief overview of the Banu, Xian, Tevarin & Vanduul… tho it’s nothing we haven’t heard before.

Star Citizen Live had concept artist JLee building a fictional alien race to show some of the processes that they might go through while also taking cues from the audience to what type of environment and features the race would have.

When I say fictional alien… obviously they are all fictional BUT I mean fictional to SC lore so like xenomorphs from alien… they might exist in tv in SCs universe.

They used DiscoLando as a base and muse for the Aliens and based it on a Curious Sloth that lived in an Aquatic Environment.

It was a fun silly show… and JLee said asshole and then say, can I say that? which is the only time I have ever heard anyone at CIG swear (as light as it was) other than Chris or Sandi.

RSI Subs have access to fly the Carrack until the 1st of July.

This week’s sneak peak was of a new SC Gadget with the tag line “I took my shovel, pick and pan, to try a piece of ground.” which is a line from Prospecting Dream from the Folksinger’s Word Book…

There is a Mining Gadget Mentioned in the Progress Tracker that looks like it’s completed it current planned work already.

Mining Gadgets will help to modify the rock and assist the player with mining a Deposit. The player can attach a device physically to a mineable deposit in FPS to modify its stats, making mining either easier and safer, or quicker and riskier.

It’s probably that? Tho some people have suggested a Hacking Device or Explosive Charge.

And that’s it for a quick overview of the weeks news… lots coming up next week… more alien posts, a Roadmap Update, 3.14 Evocati expected and much more.