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Nine Tails Lockdown For Star Citizen 3.14 – Do You Want to Know More?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, we have had more details of Star Citizen’s Dynamic Events with the Nine Tails Lockdown and Improved XenoThreat as well as JumpTown Teasers… let’s jump in with what we Know About the Nine Tails Lockdown Event.

The next dynamic event is going to be the Nine Tails Lockdown and it’s planned to be run several times throughout the 3.14 Patch Cycle as well as future patches beyond that.

In this event the Criminal Gang of the same name is going to lockdown stations owned by Crusader Security.

Then both sides will be recruiting players to help end or continue the lockdown.

So this has PvP and 2 sides as part of it BUT also a lot of PvE going on too.

The Event breaks down into 4 Phases.

The first phase is the Prologue, more just informing players something is about to happen.

Eventually Phase 2 will start, this has crusader security aware that a Quantum Blockade is happening around a station. They will have players protecting ships that are sent out to scan for the source of the blockade.

At the same time Nine Tails are recruiting players to destroy those same ships.

Star Citizen QA teams have done a lot of testing for this and have played around with a lot of different tactics and balance. It is a more Sandbox version of PvP.

Phases 3 and 4 are yet to be revealed… it’s possible they are heavily affected by the outcomes of phase 2.

Moreover there is some additional content and interesting things for us to discover during the event that will not be explicitly handed to us.

It’s a smaller event and can be scaled into 3-4 hours of gameplay. The idea is they want many of these events to switch on and off, so the world is constantly changing and is interesting.

But that’s not all They are in the process of Improving XenoThreat.

They want to do an improved version or Remaster of the event.

Dynamic events will come in many shapes and sizes and also help CIG test core gameplay systems like law, combat, spawn timers… and much more.

They acknowledged that there were issues with the length of xenotheat and some of phases.

They appear to be merging the resupply and fleet battle phases together.

The plan now is you resupply the javelin and then this will then immediately take you (you follow in ships of course) to the battle area.

You’ll want to have protected the javelin in the previous phase as otherwise it will be already damaged for the large battle.

There is a huge amount of fixes and minor changes too.

The hostility system will remember damage that individual ships have taken from what source, however they have added decay now so if you have accidentally shot at a friend or the Javelin then you start to lose that “threat” over time.

Hopefully meaning that friendly fire is more forgivable.

Friendly fire itself has been split into AI and Player FF. FF on AI they are now much more lenient with.

They added new audio dialogue. They wanted to have some deeper signposting of what to do during the “cargo” phase, reminding players to scan ships to see if they have cargo on.

There are now going to be rewards that will also be affected by reputation.

You can build up rep with the CDF to get more rewards.

Alongside the event they are also going to have the new capacitor gameplay, scanning & missile / combat updates.

Don’t expect an exact replay of the event, it’s evolved… but I did find it interesting that it is basically as they said a remastering of it…

This sounds like it will be after 3.14 probably a 3.15 thing and then something similar every so often.

They said coming up is Jump Town 2 as well… so keep an eye out for that… to me that was actually pretty exciting, even just as a little teaser… they will talk about this in the future.

Jump town was amazing fun for Cargo Haulers, Escorts, Pirates, Orgs and players making sandbox emergent gameplay content from that high risk high reward zone.

We have heard of an Infiltrator Event happening at some point as well… but we don’t have any details on that yet.
Boom… I think all of that is pretty exciting… mainly because Dynamic events seem like the most fun things in Star Citizen and give loads of reasons to play in the patches and times they are going on in.