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Staying Alive With Medical Insurance – Star Citizen Sprint Report

They have been working on various new brands and corporations into Star Citizen.

Eclipse Mutual (a Health Insurance Company that sounds like it may protect you better when you respawn, having less damage to your clone and less visible scarring/damage, this will effect things like the amount of times you can respawn & where you spawn), We should see this a bit more in Alpha 3.15 and we will learn more about it in ISC in the future.

Interestingly too appears to be a real website address but I couldn’t confirm the owner of the domain.

Some other companies mentioned were TCB Tax Collection Bureau & Cousin Crows Custom Craft. The TCB is a branch of the UEE Government incharge of tax regulation, legislation and well collection… they appear to run missions for people in debt or are unable to otherwise pay their taxes.

Cousin Crow’s is a ship painting & specialist mod shop. It also sells crew uniforms and accessories for your ship. If you want to have a theme and some cool customization to your ship then that’s the shop to go to. This company is responsible for the original kraken mods so… there may be some other big mods from them in the future too.

VFX have been updating thruster displacement of dust, that has dust reacting directionally.

This also has thruster power, angle and surface type all drive what you see.

Fire has seen more progress too. Directionality for this has also been a focus, with both fire and smoke seeing external forces effect it’s movement, spreading and general look. This is going to be awesome for fire extinguishers and decompressions.

They also showed venting of smoke and fire through ships via SDF tech.

The retaliator is receiving further updates ahead of it getting modularity, if you remember it was supposed to get this in Alpha 3.14 before it was pushed off the roadmap… it looks like they wanted to do some additional updates before putting that out.

They’ve made it NPC ready, moved the docking collar, tweaked the lift while pushing it towards a gold standard.

The Redeemer is pushing thru greybox phase. They showed the remote turret bay, changes to the hab section and the engineering and component sections of the ship. It was mentioned previously the Redeemer might receive some modularity in the future, allowing players dreams of having it as a drop ship become a reality… maybe…

The Ares Ion and Inferno continue to get work too, the mercury and hercules mean that this ship is coming together very quickly.

We saw some HuD work, visualizing what the canvas sliced HuD work kind of means for Alpha 3.14 and beyond.

They are concepting new manufacturer based huds and customizations/variations for them.

We can see the Drake HuD here… which is actually very simple and what I would expect from Drake. The goal of this is to diverisy the flight experience between ships and manufacturers further.

They are working on Loot Generation and the looting mechanics and how it all works with player inventory updates coming to the game soon.

Environment work continues with prop placement plans for colonial outposts.

Whitebox of the hospital at GrimHex. As well as whitebox work on smaller station clinics.

Orison also has seen more passes with it’s lighting and getting that new landing zone looking great. Next week we will get to see a deep dive into the near finished location at least for it’s initial release!

Boom that’s it for that Sprint Report.