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Star Citizen News – Port Olisar’s Replacement

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News for the week ending the 20th June… 3.14 is on the Horizon and we have had a load of juicy development infos this week.

CI said in their Newsletter:

“We’re laser focused on the Alpha 3.14 release, with our teams around the globe working towards getting the patch into your hands! We can’t wait for you to experience the final major planetary landing zone in the Stanton system.”

We know that 3.14 has been with Evocati. Hopefully we will see a Public PTU patch in the near future. I am expecting 3.14 LIVE around the middle of July at current progress… tho that is just my guess. 

Alien Week Sales are finishing up but it looks like you can still grab those ships until the 21st of June.

The Sneak Peek this week was some Solar Panels, that we might see fleshing out and powering outposts in the future.

Port Olisar

There was a thread complaining about the State of Port Olisar and PvPers AND/OR Griefing in this circumstance, just murdering everyone on the landing pads repeatedly without any form of resistance.

CIs Luke Pressley Replied:

“Are any of you guys finding this an issue at rest stops?

The plan is to replace all landing pads with hangars and replace Olisar completely.

I understand you have little choice but to use Olisar if you want to spawn at Crusader until then. Hopefully Orison will provide another viable option.

I should add that missile turrets are also being prototyped.”

That’s a good amount to unpack, so again confirmation that Olisar will be fully replaced at some point and a lot more coming for defenses and stations in the future, new turrets and hangars instead of all pads? Is that going to be for all stations? I actually like pads in some situations… but we will have to wait and see what CI have planned.

ISC was amazing this week, with both a sprint report and more info on Dynamic Events.

The Nine Tails Lockdown is a smaller, more regular event that will be running multiple times thru 3.14 and beyond. The phases should run immediately one after another, and have players defending ships trying to scan down where quantum blockades are causing disruptions to stations AND has the counter side with players being able to work for the Nine Tails and destroy those ships… There are more phases after this that CI have yet to reveal.

They are also remastering the XenoThreat Event and re-running it in the future too.

Medical Insurance is being fleshed out as a mechanic, an Organization the Tax Collection Bureau will deal with taxes and give missions, they are building an aftermarket ship customization shop allowing you to theme your ships.

They’ve been working on Fire, Thrusters, updating the Retailiator, the Redeemer is getting work as is the Ares Starfighter, they are building out the Drake themed ship HuD, Loot Generation, Hospitals and Clinics are getting more work too… Orison is getting more love ahead of it’s 3.14 release.

It was also confirmed by CIG that Orison and Crusader is in the Evo Builds.

Talked about a load of future gameplay features, Long Distance Probing which has you scanning down POI by sending out probes, Atmospheric Depth will damage your ship in Gas Giants, You’ll be able to soon loot enemy corpses and backpacks, harvestables will have more use, you’ll one day be able to farm crops, the starfarer is a refiner, hauler, refueler (and assumedly gas harvester) based on how you choose to set it up.

Ship Refining will have you setting up the refining “reactor” for the materials and processes you want to use, it’s an active type of refining… no going AFK!

The Resource Management System for ships is taking longer than originally expected. 

Roadmap Update

There was only some minor updates this week,

The Constellation Taurus was confirmed for 3.14, Bombs are planned for 3.15 but not mines, Ladder Updates have been pushed out.

Boom that’s it for the week’s news summary.