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Star Citizen All About Alpha 3.14

Welcome to the Star Citizen News Summary for the week ending the 27th of June 2021.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 is with the Evocati and we are expecting it to go to 1st wave PTU shortly (or at least I am) probably in the coming week.

The Weekly Shows this week were all focused on 3.14

ISC was the last episode until the 22nd of July. They have this hiatus around when the release the quarterly major patch. When it returns we should see much more 3.15 centric news & features.

Anyway I’ll combine the ISC & SCL info here we had an amazing episode that gave us a much deeper preview of Crusader and Orison, the whole area looks fantastic and represents some of the best that Star Citizen’s Tech currently offers, however the cloud tech there is still being developed and improved and is going to see updates well beyond 3.14 especially for lighting and performance. Lighting of the clouds and platforms at Orison was difficult as they needed to look good at all angles.

But we got a lot of 3.14 questions and information too

They said if Orison uses large thrusters to keep a loft and would technically fall into the planet if it lost power… tho I don’t think that will actually be a thing at all personally… Orison will be like a static object rather than setup like a ship imo.

We will not see living space whales in 3.14. We will see a hospital, ship show room, whale tours and more in the future for the landing zone. There are no current plans to add addition points of interest on Crusader at this time.

The Nine Tails Lockdown Event is PvP oriented at least during the phase we know about, your crime stat will effect if you are offered the chance to assist Crusader Security or the Nine Tails. It’s going to be run multiple times thru 3.14 and should be at the same time on all servers… or at least start at the same time.

XenoThreat Remastered is also going to be run during the 3.14 cycle, it’s a much improved version of the event AND I think that’s pretty awesome, it sounds like the phases immediately follow each other now as well so you’ll be bringing cargo to the javelin and protecting it and then immediately going to fight in a fleet battle once thats complete, potentially with the Warhammer (thats the name of the Javelin) damaged…

The Constellation Taurus is going to be in 3.14 BUT it still requires more work after it’s release to get it up to current gold standard. They also reconfirmed they want to take a look at Connie Struts in the future too.

Crusader itself is just Gas Clouds and you can fly into it however eventually your ship will be crushed. The area took more time to complete as they wanted better cloud tech and more clouds. In the future they want these clouds to be moving too.

They’ve made fixes to the 890 jump and it’s cargo issues.

There are lots of law system and crime stat updates for the patch, the surrender mechanics don’t give you a real advantage to doing them BUT they will in the future.

New Patches typically create 3000 new problems and they fix around 3000 per patch too…

Co-pilots and crew are able to use the missile operator mode to use missiles in 3.14.

The New Power Management System has also seen an update and overhaul of all of the ship stats, we might see some problems with stats if they are incorrect or need further balance during the PTU… feedback is essential for this.

The Power MFD now has a direct effect on where you power is going.

Capacitors will charge over time so good management of your power will be rewarded.

Laser Weapons need to recharge every so often.

Heat is no longer a short term limiting factor.

Scanners and Radar signatures may be masked by larger ships nearby.

HUDs are fully physicalized so 3rd parties can also see them on ships BUT MFDs aren’t setup for that yet. The terrapin doesn’t have anything additionally special this patch BUT it will be able to make use of it’s sturdy nature and better scanning in future patches.

Desync is still an issue they are focusing on, hopefully it will be a good bit better in 3.14.

Port Olisar isn’t just going to disappear… maybe it will go out in a blaze of glory or become some other kind of POI. They are putting a New Station above Crusader at some point in the future.

The Gatac Railen had its Q&A, I’ll highlight a couple of things.

It’s cargo pods are fixed and can’t be deployed or removed, you’d fill the pods by hand, and in the future via tractor beam or via NPC/service at a station. Shield emitters are new physical component that will be on the exterior of a ship that project a shield bubble or face… small ships like fighters will typically have 1 emitter and therefore a bubble… larger ships may have 4, one for each facing… tho there may be some exceptions. Shield Generators provide the resource for the shields still.

Destroying the emitters will prevent shields being projected there.

It sounds like they plan to allow all turrets to be slaved and locked forward to be fired by the pilot IF you have room for an AI blade for that.

CitizenCon is a virtual event this year on the 9th of October and CI have announced a virtual cosplay contest where you can submit pictures of yourself in cosplay by August 31st for a chance to win ships and an exclusive forum badge/title. I’ll link the newsletter with all of those links down below too.

The sneak peek was of an airlock of some kind, it looks like the ones we have seen for the Colonial Outposts or Homesteads.

Boom, that’s it for today and the week’s news… hopefully we will be making a load of 3.14 content next weekend… as soon as the patch is in 1st wave PTU I’ll do all the contents!