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Star Citizen What’s Coming For July – Alpha 3.14, XenoThreat 2.0, Lockdown & Big Combat Changes

Welcome to a Star Citizen and BoredGamer Channel Update for July 2021.

What’s happening in the World of Star Citizen Content this month and what can we expect?

Let’s start with the June Mercury Star Runner Giveaway Winner that’s Etalona Ganda congratulations!

For July we have a New Giveaway, for a Constellation Taurus with LTI and a GamePackage. The ship will be flyable later this month so it makes sense right?!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 should be going to 1st Wave PTU any day now and that means that July will be focusing mostly on that patch and new gameplay from it. We will cover the patch notes and problems from that PTU and going into the 3.14 LIVE (which will hopefully hit us in the middle of the month). I think that the new Landing Zone Orison and Crusader will be a staple for content… it’s so pretty!

Ship Combat changes are massive in this patch but there are also various other gameplay changes of note that we will be exploring in depth.

We have at least a couple of major in game events coming up XenoThreat Remastered & the Nine Tails Lockdown. The latter is going to be run multiple times for sure and we are going to be covering those events with news, guides and gameplay as well as some community playthroughs, if you want to be involved make sure you have joined my at some point zin will organize things.

You can also expect a ship sale for 3.14… the Taurus is here but also if there is anything else that turns up OR has significantly changed… then they will sell that too…

We are likely going to get combat and related ship Event Sales as well for when XenoThreat and Nine Tails Lockdown starts too. You want some combat ships and missed out at Fleet Week… then you might be in luck.

Last year we had the Foundation Festival throughout July… and I’d expect the same this year or at least something similar!

So last year this was stated as being – “Foundation Festival and celebrating Humanity’s coming-together by honoring the wonderful Star Citizen community and all the incredible things we’ve built both in the ‘verse and here on Earth.”

This encouraged players to actively use, tutor and participate in the Guides Programme on the RSI website, getting players into game and teaching them gameplay loops. And rewarded good guides with exclusive badges, skins and ships

There was a screenshot contest to win some ships, that was having players snap a shot of their crew or group action.

As part of this there was some lore action with imperator day in the middle of the month… this time we might hear from Addison (the new imperator) and see if the universe has changed much with her in charge of humanity.

They may spice the event up this year! Maybe? With Starter Ship Packages and maybe referral bonuses? That makes sense right? That’s very much an I reckon rather than confirmed.

Inside Star Citizen is on it’s hiatus and Returns on the 22nd of July and we should start to see the beginning of 3.15 centric content and development work thats going on for Q3/Q4 this year.

Content wise from the Channel, lots of 3.14, patch notes, guides, what’s new, Taurus tour, Orison and Crusader Tours, state of the game video, a new Start Here Star Citizen… we might do a tutorial on each gameplay loop… how do mining, how do cargo, how do bounty hunter on how to start and get the most out of those gameplay loops. Any new missions and the new meta will also be high on our list!

Also 3.14 gameplay with me and zin and those events WHOOT! Looking forward to that.

We have the Monthly Reports which should turn up next week, probably around the 7th July. This will give us some deeper perspective of some of the work that various teams are focused on for Sq42 and the PU over the last few weeks and now.

I want to do a bit of a deep dive into Star Citizen’s AI and NPCs what we have and what we are waiting on… as AI in game is meh at best atm but we are expecting them to eventually help run our ships and provide interesting missions.

FPS gameplay is another one I want to talk about, how do we get it in a good state and what’s being worked on maybe talk a bit about Netcode and that sort of jazz too.

We had a Interview with JP a Star Citizen Whale by all accounts and that interview was awesome and got a load of articles sprouting up around the world based on it.

Thanks for doing that for me JP, you are a star!

I now want to try and get like once a month a hopefully interesting interview with a Star Citizen superfan or ex CIG employee, someone that has made mods OR is part of a more unique community, roleplayers and that sort of thing…

I’ve got some interviews already planned now!

Generally looking at future gameplay loops is something I want to do too and what we know about them… their current plans.

Quite often I’ll see an article or hot topic and make a video on that too… and I’d like to keep doing the little hot takes podcast that me and zin do every so often… I do like to talk about the game and what’s happening in the community.

Also those guys that travelled 22 days to get to the Stanton Star… good on you… Operation Icarus was silly and cool and I’ll look out for more things like that in the future too.

I REALLY WANT TO KNOW! What you’d like to see content wise on the Channel during July, specific 3.14 gameplay, anyone you want me to interview, any cool things or drama you want me to look at OR just… what do we know about X at the moment, wheres the polaris? Anything like that is fine too… it gives me a bit of an understanding of what the community is currently after content wise.

I think zin is pretty happy with her lore series… and people seem to enjoy them… so expect more of those too.

Some more Personal stuff… This is reasonably heavy… sorry about that:

My Dad has take a bit of a bad turn, he is pretty bed bound and my mother and I are looking after him, thank you all for the kind words, it’s possible the doctor will come back with some miracle but I think it unlikely… but the important thing for me, is that I am there if they need me and family is going to obviously come first over me making content HOWEVER creating videos and chatting on stream is a major lifeline for me and the addition of having zin working for the channel means that I can much more easily juggle life and work.

But if things are even rougher than normal OR I look undead in a stream, you know why.

A lot of people shared their stories of loved ones passing and recovering and I really appreciate all of the kindness there. 

My Mental and physical health I’d say are surprisingly good considering. I had a bit of a cry on my new bed the other day… I literally just got the new mattress on… laid down and started weeping… not because I was unhappy or anything but because of how comfortable it was… I had not realised how bad my previous mattress was.

Mentally, I am focused on just making sure I am there for my parents… it’s not time for mourning or I wish I had dones…

Supporting the Channel…

I have been exceptionally lucky with the amount of people that support the channel, asking questions during live streams, donations, people chucking loads of monies at us on patreon and signing up as youtube members with that mysterious JOIN BUTTON below my videos that you should press and join xD

Seriously tho thanks for all the support. You guys are amazing… especially JP and PlasticDeath over the last few weeks… my Chris Roberts… you guys have supported the channel a lot… other honorable mentions… 

Dan Goldsmith… who sorted me and zin out with Geforce 3080s (we had to pay for them) but check out his company for professional workstation, storage and server solutions! 

Jbirdmax you are a legend… I think you’ve literally modded every single one of my streams I’ve ever done…

I’m still shilling for NordVPN, we have a new outro which you’ll see in the rest of my videos for July… using the links below to get your Nord stuff helps support the channel too.

Boom that’s it for a channel update moving into July… lots of cool stuff happening with Star Citizen to be sure and we shall cover it all here!

Thanks for your continued viewership and support and I’ll see you in the Verse…