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Star Citizen Roadmap Update – Refinery Ships Are Coming

We recently had a small Star Citizen Roadmap Update recently with some additions and delays to some Features.

Reststop Hangar Replacement

Creating exterior pieces for small and medium Hangars that allow them to look and function properly as part of overall space station exteriors.

We know that CI are also planning on replacing most landing pads with hangars and eventually replacing port olisar in some way too…

Atmospheric Pressure Damage

This is the damage players/NPCs or ships will receive in situations where the exterior pressure exceeds the pressure resistance of the corresponding ship/armor/suit. If you are deep in Crusader… you’ll start to get pressure damage before imploding for example, but it adds to environmental dangers and risk.


Utilizing gas cloud tech, Volumetric elements will be crafted to spacescape the environments of Squadron 42. Pretty backgrounds and poi as well as better use of the cloud tech.

Refinery Ships – Certain ships will have refineries built into them, allowing players to process ore using a completely on-board process.

We know that the Starfarer will be able to mount refineries… and we are expecting a new mobile refinery ship at some point as well.

CI recently talked about mining operations making use of these refinery ships, where prospectors could bring ore to the refiner, it would use it’s tractor beam to grab the cargo containers, then run the ore thru it’s refinery reactor which can be set up with different ore and processes based on your needs, that could then eject the refined ore for a cargo ship to pickup.

Ruin Station & some environmental gameplay has been pushed off the Progress tracker in favor of more focus on the rest of pyro and mobile refinery gameplay. There has been lots of questions recently asking will 4.0 be at the end of this year? What about SM, Pyro and Jump Points… the answer is almost certainly no… they require more work… middle of 2022 optimistically in my opinion.

On the release view the rest of the deliverables for 3.14 were confirmed BUT also we had Ship Interior/Exterior Culling for 3.15 has had a bit of a change, now being called Ship Interior OC Streaming – When complete, streaming interior object containers in and and out of ships based on distance will allow vehicles to have a higher performant stage of streaming used at far distances, to reduce CPU cost.

Hopefully we will have more insightful Roadmap Updates on the 14th and 28th of July as part of the fortnightly Roadmap Roundup series CI put out. Expect future Roadmaps to be 3.15 and Q3 focused… also be aware sometimes we get a very minimal update on the Roadmap after a major patch is released as they are planning what will actually make the cut BUT we will have to wait and see.