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Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 PTU Wave 2

Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 PTU is now open to Wave 2 Testers. This means in addition to Evocatio, RSI Subscribers and Concierge that the most active PTU & Issue Council members have been added. 

I am expecting the Open PTU to be out extremely shortly… but it looks to me like CI will be keeping it in Open PTU for a while as they focus on the huge amount of combat and balance changes.

There were a few PTU patches over the week but the latest one was part of the wider PTU update with the Star Citizen Alpha 3.14.0k which had some additions:

Further to the Ongoing Ship Capacitor, Balance, and Polish Pass they Fixed fire rate of GATS Ballistic Gatling S2. Replaced Origin 325a nose cannon with S4 Ballistic Gatling. Tweaked mass driver damage. Heat and power tuning for the Origin 350r. Updated the Reliant Tana’s health.

There were some Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing players to become stuck loading when trying to load into the main menu
  • Missile Operator Mode should now work in the Origin 100 series and Hurricane
  • Radar targeting sound should now play to notify pilots correctly when a their ship is targeted by another ship
  • Missile racks should no longer get stuck with the wrong prepped missile, causing them to not fire all armed missiles
  • Power button on shield MFD menu in ships should now work correctly to turn shields back on
  • ADS reticle should no longer appear off center for Animus and Railgun weapons when using ultrawide monitors
  • Fixed 1 Client & 3 Server Crashes… 2 Main Thread Deadlocks, 2 Backend Service crashes AND a Backend service timeout and Out of memory issue

Over the weekend there were some event Playtests on the PTU for XenoThreat 2.0… which was cancelled then uncancelled.

There were some issues with getting criminal ratings for engaging xenothreat forces… which isn’t ideal. But that should be fixed ASAP and there are 12 other known issues on CIGs patch notes currently they are trying to solve 

Something else that CI is spending some time trying to get some improvement on in the short term in desync and they are looking for player feedback with:

  • Player or player ship appears immobile, even though they are moving and taking actions
  • Players or player ships appear invisible to one another
  • Players snap to visibility after seated

I’ll leave the link below for that BUT we may well see some tweaks lessening the desync in the short term potentially.

The sneak peek this week was of a medical bed… which looked like it was placed at GrimHex… you can expect to see a clinic there… even outlaws need medical care.

We had a roadmap round up that showed that Server Meshing and what was icache (now often referred to as EntityGraph) is very much a focus over the next few months AND Alpha 3.17 the Q1 2022 Patch saw the additions of Persistent Hangars allowing players to rent a hangar and store things there as well as Independent/Outlaw Homestead Outposts which will be new POI.  

Star Citizen Live looked at Lighting around the Verse and how they develop it for various locations. Just How many devs does it take to change a light?

I think Inside Star Citizen starts up again this Thursday the 22nd July so there is that to look forward to in the coming days!