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Star Citizen 3.14 is Now In Open PTU

Star Citizen News, 3.14 is in Open PTU, there is a new patch, the march to CitizenCon begins, we have a summary of the Star Citizen Live on Ships & Balance and a new hospital location.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 is now in Open PTU, cloud imperium have referred to this release as “final testing before release”.

“Jump in and test Alpha 3.14 before it’s official release. Explore the all-new landing zone, Orison, located on the massive gas giant Crusader, with new features such as volumetric cloud tech, missile operator mode, and more!”

Cloud Imperium are starting to talk about CitizenCon 2021 which will be a virtual event on the 9th of October.

CI said “From sharing our latest developments, admiring epic cosplay, a bevy of community events, contests, and more, this event will be a memorable experience for all.”

And now there are a couple of things people can get involved with in the lead up to the event, Star Citizen cosplay and 45 second “inlore” videos are both active competitions.

Star Citizen Live last week had David Colson, Mark Abent, Yogi Klatt & Richard Towler discussing new features & balancing related to vehicles in Alpha 3.14.

They wanted Dogfighting to typically happen within 1.2km of the engaging ships and is where the S1-4 weapons are typically going to be balanced.

A deeper more in depth balance will be coming in the future when we have physicalized components and the physical damage system. What they are doing currently is balancing towards what they see the intention of combat going.

3.14 is much more of a rework and restart of balance. However they will need to have an much large overhaul of balance when we have those systems in the future.

They are focused on getting the game fun and playable for 3.14 without gameplay and combat being “broken” for the cycle. 

Combat is much less of 2 second PEW PEW and done now (well when desync isn’t an problem).

In the future this will have ships not being killed but mostly disabled when their components and connectors get damaged, crippling the ship.

They are attempting to move away from a single meta… however I feel they are a bit naive in their goal to have players not running meta builds based on, on paper stats.

Ballistics are powerful and have some shield penetration, the weaker the shield the more they get through. High Damage, low ammo, that’s the current plans for Ballistics. They are looking at how ammo reloads will work for them in the future.

Projectiles have a max range before they are no longer affective and are removed… because GAME!

Scanning Pings will be detectable and affect your signature when using it in the future. Gas clouds will affect detection in the future, just not yet.

The New Power and capacitor gameplay is much more of a stamina and timing based game where clever use at the right time of your capacitors and power triangle will allow you to get the damage on target. I really like it.

This week’s sneak peek was of GrimHex’s future Clinic/Hospital where the more outlaw types will respawn if they need it BUT also buy medical gear… we should see this in game later this year.

As I said earlier with the Open PTU has come a new Star Citizen Alpha 3.14.0n Patch:

There are some further balance updates – Adjusted gimbal behavior for fixed and manual gimbal modes to increase their range back to normal. Increased wing health of 300 series ships. Increased the Hornet’s tail Health. Doubled EM strength of decoys. Changed default keybind for Gyro Mode.
Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed another issue causing players to get a 30009 disconnect error
  • Fixed an issue causing the QT marker to be missing when destination is set via the Starmap
  • Flares deployed from various ships should now move correctly when launched
  • Fixed an issue causing FPS AI to be slow to react to players attacking them
  • Large FPS Deposits should no longer be detected from too far away in the Greycat ROC vehicles
  • Hornet’s animated maneuvering thrusters should no longer be frozen in place
  • Radar should now be visible on Anvil Carrack flight HUD
  • Information should no longer be cut off in the Crusader Starrunner and Star Lifter’s HUD due to large font
  • Fixed an issue allowing ships to be spawned from the ASOP once Ejected from on the landing pad, resulting in them spawning in an unusable state without a pilot seat.
  • Players should no longer get a “Game starts in %D” error after dying in Arena Commander Swarm modes
  • Fixed a Backend Service Memory leak

There is a“New” Known Issue

Quantum traveling to Crusader will place your ship inside the atmosphere, preventing further quantum travel…

This issue is caused by an incorrect obstruction radius around Crusader. This will be resolved in the next PTU release (most likely after the weekend) to place it closer to 150km instead of 750km above the planet. For now leaving atmosphere when at Orison may take much longer than intended. This may also make spline jumps to Orison impossible for now.

It looks like CI are going to push out LIVE relatively soon and do more balance later at least from what they said in the Star Citizen Live…