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Star Citizen August Update – Alpha 3.14 is Incoming BUT THERE IS MORE!

Welcome to a Star Citizen & BoredGamer Channel Update for August 2021. What have we got to look forward to this month from Star Citizen, CI and the BoredGamer Channel.

July’s Giveaway Winner of a Constellation Taurus is Arbter 5, congratulations.

For August we have a New Giveaway for a Mercury Star Runner… I think it’s a solid multi-crew ship and allows you to do so many of the gameplay loops that Star Citizen has to offer. All you need to do for a chance of winning is comment on any of my videos made throughout August.

Star Citizen August

Alpha 3.14 will finally be release to Live… really soon… honest… and alot of people may have played in the Open PTU for the patch BUT live will bring everything together with a load of fixes.

We know that CI are continuing to balance for the patch after launch so we can probably expect some 3.14.x patches too.

We are going to have a big mixture of love and hate for the new systems, with power, capacitors, weapons and ship handling changes.

The Nine Tails Lockdown is an event that’s going to happen regularly on servers, it can just sort of happen without a huge amount of warning… then a station will be locked down and players will have to support Crusader Security or the Nine Tails in this more PvP oriented event.

XenoThreat Remastered should also turning up in August… I am really looking forward to seeing these improvements come together for the event with the new combat. For me it’s a bit of a test for what CIG can do to improve and how they do it… I will directly compare it to the last Xenothreat… can they solve it’s original issues… Most likely… Hopefully it will be on for a bit longer as well then just a few days.

When 3.14 goes live there will be a Ship Sale – The Constellation Taurus is a new ship for that patch BUT there have been Changes to ALL THE SHIPS in game… more specifically I think we could see combat ships go on sale that would be very useful in the XenoThreat and NineTails. That makes sense… also maybe a new ship or variant… that CIG could be keeping close to their chest.

With that in mind there was a recent teaser that some people think might mean the mysterious Origin 400i might be real and might go on sale during August…

Foundation Festival – I think we are going to see it later this month during 3.14 live. It’s supposed to start in July… but we had a similar situation with this release that we did last year at the same time for 3.10… and CI extended the Foundation Festival into August… this time I think it’s going to start in August… and we have seen some various skins in a data-mine for the event. The Foundation Festival is an event to encourage new players to get into the game… expect things like discount starter packages, flair and ships for players that use the guides system on the RSI Website to help new players, maybe there will be a recruitment drive with referral bonuses.

We are starting to get more details on Alpha 3.15… and what CI are working on for Q3 2021… now that patch might be planned for the end of September BUT I think it’s more likely that CI will be aiming to release it at CitizenCon 2021 which is a virtual only event on the 9th October.

A lot of what we might see from Monthly Reports, Roadmap Updates and Weekly Shows may well be connected to plans for what CI will show at CitizenCon this year.

And that’s what I am looking for hints towards… we are in the run up to that event now… sorta.

We should also later this month get to see more details of plans toward Q2 2022 and generally more flesh on the Roadmap for 3.15, 3.16 & 3.17 as well.

Content Plans

Community Runs NineTails Lockdown and XenoThreat, zin’s going to organize some of these from our BoredGamer Discord like we did with the original XenoThreat… some might have a date, other times we might just jump in, see who is around and go… we are low effort organizers.

Each of the Gameplay loops in 3.14 I want to take a look at.

Cargo is something that I hope is in a good place for the patch… it’s been broken in some of the PTU tests and it’s a core gameplay loop that needs to be functional.

To be honest I want to look at the gameplay loops in terms of what you can do with them, examples of gameplay and what the limits of that are currently BUT if something is broken… we will cover that too!

Mining, Bounty Hunting, Mission Givers, Unique Missions, Multi-Crew, Criminal, Prison Gameplay we will check it all out

Obviously the XenoThreat and Lockdown events will be covered in depth.

There is a Start Here Star Citizen Guide for 3.14 me and zin have done that’s almost ready. I’ll be doing a full patch notes video on the changes for the LIVE build.

Once we’ve had a couple of days to play it, a State of The Game Video.

I am in the process of updating my Website Guides for Star Citizen Performance, USER.cfg etc… for 3.14 as well.

We’ll cover the Monthly Reports for the PU and SQ42 as we get them. 

And all of the weekly shows and Roadmap updates BUT most of the content this month will be 3.14 live & in game event focused.

More gameplay… is something that I want to do… I want to play in 3.14 and document my adventures with zin.

Also as the meta has changed so much… I want to do some meta guides, maybe get a bit better at PvP and general combat. We may even start to cover all the of the fighters in an updated ship buyers guide.

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I am continuing to shill for NordVPN as it’s something people can make use of and I use it.

Personal Stuff

Some of you may know that my Father Passed away at the end of July. I loved him very much and he was comfortable and at home, not a bad way to go.

Thank you so much to everyone that has given me a message, comment or tweet with their love, support and sympathy… I will go through them all at some point… but there are quite a few. To be honest I am tired and miss him but I am not in despair or defeated… I am doing ok… I will try and be a better person and honor him and I will not regret, what ifs or I wish…

Genuinely thank you everyone, I love the fact I can share things like this openly with my community… to help keep myself sane.