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Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 PLANNED For This Week BUT What Else Is There?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a quick news video of what we can expect this week:

Cloud Imperium have confirmed:

“We’re aiming to release 3.14 to the Live servers this week, so warm those engines and keep an eye on Spectrum for when the new update drops.”

So you can probably expect the typical release post and sale of some kind along with that… I’d expect it Thursday / Friday this week. 

I wonder what they are going to call the patch… Alpha 3.10 last year was named Flight & Fight which actually might be more appropriate for this patch oddly. Maybe they will name this one something to do with Power… Power Up or Power to Weapons… What Do You think?

Tuesday has a Short Story being published called “The Payout”

“Sully returns to Hurston to make a simple drop, but when it goes horribly wrong he’s forced to seek help from friends he left behind long ago.“

Also Tuesday we have an RSI Subscriber Newsletter and Update… I’ll check those out and see if there is anything special to them.

There is No Roadmap Update this week but on Wednesday we will have the Monthly Reports for Squadron and the Persistent Universe. So we will be covering those in detail.

Thursday has an Inside Star Citizen this week is a look behind the scenes at game production with the US Vehicle Content Team and another Sprint Report?! With CI saying 

“It must be the Road to CitizenCon…” and yes.. It sort of is… and I am expecting lots of content and hints at what might be shown at this years October 9th Event over the coming weeks. I hope this characterizes the next couple of months in the lead up to that.

Friday there will a Star Citizen Live… we don’t have the details yet but I’d expect that to be 3.14 centric… maybe looking at some gameplay, new releases, the taurus and anything special they might have up their sleevies.

A quick state of the PTU and Patch Notes Update too

We have had a new Star Citizen Alpha 3.14.0t PTU Patch as well that goes even further to fixing various patch issues towards that live build.

There is an Arena Commander PvP Pick-up Rework

With the changes to ship combat and ammo counts we have reduced the rate of pickups in Arena Commander. Pickups are no longer specifically connected to kills, a player must now gain a given score to unlock a pickup which will then spawn on their next kill. (May take approximately 3-4 kills) All pickups have have been adjusted to give a percentage of the requested resources rather than fixed values. Removed Fuel pickups.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Players should now be able to Buy or Sell Commodities at Admin and TDD Terminals
  • Fixed 1 Server Crash
  • Backend Service Optimization

There are still 7 Known Issues listed that are being worked on by CI:

  • Players being unable to select a start location.
  • The pipe system has a distribution bug for weapons on larger ships
  • iInfinite load after a bed logout
  • mobiGlas Losing Functionality
  • Flares don’t work properly
  • Ships are not fully repaired after using Station Services.
  • The Fan Made Localizations will not function… that’s something I want to see solved… there has been a lot of time and effort by some fans getting the appropriate language support.

Hopefully desync, will be something that’s not too bad in the LIVE release  too… that remains my primary concern… with cargo hauling and that being a functional viable gameplay loop being the next followed by the Events for Nine Tails and XenoThreat working properly!