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What The Bug Is Happening with Alpha 3.14?

There is something a little strange with the latest PTU patch 3.14.0u… it’s removed and changed the previous known issues… 

So the current ones are now:

  • Players encounter positional desync during gameplay
  • After logging out in a ship bed or crashing, logging in/crash recovery may fail w/ Error 20018 or spawn the ship/player at Stanton star
  • Elevators at Grim Hex fails to complete animations and elevator can lose functionality
  • Search missions such as shipment lost and lost cargo do not update once the player has collected the cargo box
  • Unable to complete box delivery missions in Area18, as kiosk rejects boxes
  • Distortion weapons can lead to the friendly fire threshold being met in only a few shots
  • Demon Fang Combat Knife asset is missing from the game

This is entirely different from the previous day

  • Players being unable to select a start location.
  • The pipe system has a distribution bug for weapons on larger ships
  • iInfinite load after a bed logout
  • mobiGlas Losing Functionality
  • Flares don’t work properly
  • Ships are not fully repairing at Station Services.
  • The Fan Made Localizations will not function…

Now that could be that those previous days issues are planned to be solved for 3.14 live already or just that the focus has changed to these new “known issues”.

The Positional Desync being top of the known issues is a good sign that CI are taking it serious for 3.14 live… that’s the most important thing for me.

Some people have suggested that it’s the wrong patch notes OR we should assume that actually the known issues list is both of these combined along with others… maybe they only show ones they consider more major… and remove ones that are already have tentative fixes planned.

That patch only fixed 1 server crash and moved it’s focus onto general gameplay rather than anything specific… I think it’s just CI trying to get the 3.14 patch out to LIVE for this weekend, I suspect they already have a planned “launch” for it and this patch may have been more to say… look we are focusing on these issues too.

Beyond all of this… CI are still balancing, working on the new events and trying to improve performance.

Only time will tell if the Live build has fixed a good amount of the issues that could be game breaking. I mean it is alpha… a good amount of bug-baggage is expected BUT this PTU cycle has been a long one and hopefully that means we are in for a playable treat for this live build.

I do think we are getting the live build real soon… so peeps that have gear they want to carry over from 3.13, make sure you have unequipped your ships of any custom components you want to keep… tho that said we don’t know if there is going to be a persistence reset with 3.14… it’s possible BUT CI have always try to keep progress.