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Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 Welcome to Orison

Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 Welcome to Orison is now LIVE AND there is a lot to take in.

There are some awesome new trailers and release videos of 3.14, Orison and the Taurus.

If you are looking for a new player guide / tutorial checkout the one we just released (linked below) going over everything to get yourself starting the game running and with some purpose.

There doesn’t appear to have been a Persistence Reset for this release, so your ships, aUEC and potentially even reputation should of carried over for 3.13 to 3.14 Live.

Alpha 3.14 introduces the Crusader and its majestic city in the clouds, Orison. Once home to the UEE Navy’s shipyards, Crusader Industries transformed the unique latticework of floating platforms into arguably the most picturesque city in Stanton.

CI have made a pretty awesome Welcome to Orison Website Brochure, Tourist Guide Type Thing that is pretty amazing for this too. And Orison is one of the main focuses of the patch.

There is a Referral Bonus running until the 31st August to Recruit someone that then buys a starter pack or ship for $40 or more… you’ll both get a Dragonfly… each player account can only earn 1 dragonfly during this promotion and you’ll get them once the promotion ends.

There is a Screenshot contest for taking the ingame finley or francis stormwhals to pretty locations and snapping them there. You can win yourself a physical plush and in game nova tank for a good one… I wish that was the other way round… I’d love to own a real tank.

We also have a Constellation Coloring in Contest… where you can win a connie taurus.

There is even a wish you were here card contest having you take a photo of Orison and adding your referral code for a bit of a recruitment drive with a chance to win some ships too. 

There are a lot of ships on sale

We have a big selection of Crusader ships on sale as Orison there home is now as available:

MSR, C2 & M2 Hercules as well as the yet to be released Ares Ion & Inferno Heavy Fighters which are planned for 3.15. The Genesis Starliner is also available but who knows when that will be complete.

As we had some major missile changes in 3.14 – We also have the Cyclone MT, Talon Shrike, Ballista and Freelancer MIS on sale too.

You can also grab any of the Constellations and the Taurus which is now flyable in 3.14 is available on warbond for $160 and credit for $190… previously being $150 before this patch.

It’s a powerful multi-crew cargo, combat and missile boat.

There is some new merch available too, with the highlight being the Finnley Starwarhal Plush. 

But Alpha 3.14 has a load more features going on with it than just Orison.

There has been a massive combat, ship and weapon rebalance and overhaul… 

New Power Management – Capacitors on Ships are used to charge energy weapons, which need to recharge every few shots.

Pilots can use the new capacitors to allocate power between their ship’s shields, thrusters, and weapons however they see fit. From finely balancing defense and offense mid-battle to maxing out performance for a swift getaway, this added versatility could make all the difference between success and defeat, or even life and death

Projectiles are more deadly than ever thanks to the all-new Missile Operator mode, which gives greater accuracy and control in combat. The projectiles themselves now use the same flight model as ships, making them behave more realistically and improving their effectiveness.

It has the initial implementation of Cloud Tech, which is used to create the colossal Crusader gas giant. This Cloud Tech will be expanded in the future to add further detail to existing planets in the Stanton system and beyond.

There’s improved radar and ping systems, introducing EM and IR signatures to vehicles and background signatures for larger entities like stations and planets. Players can use these new signatures to mask themselves and slip by enemies undetected.

Scanning has been reworked too with a new UI showing scan direction and strength. It also displays additional target information, including details on the cargo, crew, components, and CrimeStat to players to decide whether to fight, run, or stay the course.

There are HuD Updates too putting some of those new features in better context, in your cockpit

There is Surrendering – which allows criminals to call it a day when the odds are stacked against them. If captured after surrendering, players will wake up in the Klescher Rehabilitation Facility on Aberdeen ready to serve their sentence (or make a break for it), while their ship will be safely stored awaiting their return to society.

Dynamic Events are back, including the all-new Ninetails Lockdown mission. Players are tasked with either helping repel or joining a Ninetails pirate clan blockading a space station somewhere in Stanton, this will run multiple times thru 3.14 and beyond. It’s the Dynamic Events that I am most looking forward to, you can expect to see the XenoThreat Event Remastered during the 3.14 cycle as well. 

Alongside the new experience, the underlying Dynamic Event tech receives a handful of updates and quality-of-life improvements, including tweaks to friendly fire that won’t instantly give players a CrimeStat if shots go awry.

We will be getting a full patch notes Video out, as well as known issues and work arounds video… Star Citizen is an Alpha after all and knowing how to fix and avoid issues will help you have a much better gaming experience.

Boom, that’s it for a quick rundown of the 3.14 live release, jump in and have some fun… I have no idea when the dynamic events will be running yet, but stay tuned to your mobiglass and the missions offered there! I’d love to know what you think of 3.14 Live, was it released before it was ready, are you having a great time? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to know in the comments below.