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Star Citizen 3.14 – Issues, Fixes & Workarounds Guide

You’ll often get issues in Star Citizen, it’s an Alpha after all, BUT there are a lot of workarounds and best practices that you can do in this latest 3.14.0 LIVE build to have a better gameplay experience. We are going to look at the known issues in game and how to avoid/fix them.

I’m grouping these workarounds and common issues in 4 main categories:

Best Practices

mobiGlas and Customization


Logging In & Disconnects

Other Issues

Best Practices

Firstly you can minimize issues with Star Citizen by deleting your user Folder (or at least shaders folder within that) from your game install if you are updating the game, it’s unnecessary IF you are installing entirely fresh.

If performance is your issue, Star Citizen is pretty unoptimized currently. Make sure it’s installed on an SSD. Also make sure you have the latest graphics drivers for your GPU. Lowering your resolution can obviously be a good way of getting higher frame rates too. I have some further optimization guides on my website which are in the process of being updated.

Character Reset is a more nuclear option and should only be done if recommended, OR you’ve exhausted all other options. Character Resets can take a while to go through… so you’ll have to wait after you’ve initiated one before you can play.

When Restarting the Game, making sure you close and reopen the launcher can help.

Desync is a bit erratic in the current build and there isn’t much of a workaround… I play earlier in the morning in my timezone and don’t seem to be overly affected by it. 

As I said there are a load of Known Issues with some workarounds which we will look at here.

If you are having a different consistent issue, then checkout the website, it might be able to help you.

And you can always check the page, to see if servers or a particular service are down.

mobiGlas and Customization


  • Difficulties with insurance claims through the ASOP terminals
  • Accessing or saving changes through the Vehicle Loadout Manager (sometimes referred to as the VMA) or Equipment Manager on your mobiGlas
  • Errors connecting to loadout services through the Character Customizer

A Character Reset will not resolve this problem. Logging out and closing the launcher entirely before logging back in may temporarily help with some of these symptoms until a fix is implemented, and they are actively working on that.

Someone on my discord sent me a fix for this ship claim bug… in the VMA select the bugged out ship, then select a read only ship (one you have spawned already) then immediately click the bugged ship again, you should be able to change it’s loadout and claim the ship.

CHARACTER EQUIPMENT LOADOUTS are not changing when you update them…

This is actually a fail-safe put in place to prevent a character’s mobiGlas from vanishing.  

If you are encountering this problem, that means some safety measures CIG have added are keeping your character in a playable state. The loss of the mobiGlas would mean that your character cannot function in most parts of the game.

Just restart your game client if you are not getting your character loadouts updating as intended.


Entering and performing character customization a few times may correct these issues. Then join a server. If not resolved, try customizing again.

MOUSE CURSOR IS FLICKERING IN THE MOBIGLAS and not all clicks are registered. You may find clicking lots will eventually work. This is due to a strange interaction from certain types of control peripherals, such as flight sticks. No real fix for this yet, you just have to persist.



If this happens, go to another location and try a different trade terminal.

Fully exit and relogin to the game before trying the terminal again.

MATERIALS NOT SELECTED FOR REFINEMENT ARE LOST when you put in a refining job. This is actually intended, BUT there is supposed to be a warning message. It will be fixed in the next patch.

All CONSTELLATIONS variants CAN DESPAWN AFTER its parasite ship has undocked and moved far enough away.

Until a fix for this can be applied, to prevent this from happening a player will need to stay within 30KM of the Constellation after undocking.

There are various Quantum Drive issues. It can randomly turn on, just turn it off.

Sometimes after spooling nothing happens when you try and Quantum. Set course and try again is the best way around that, or look away from the point you are travelling to and look back to respool.

Elevators or environment content will occasionally be missing, it can take a long time to load in, elevators can break too and either not be there, or not be responsive… relogging often works here.  GrimHex elevators are quite prone to breaking.

Logging In & Disconnects

Star Citizen may crash immediately after pressing “Launch Game” in the Launcher, just try and run the game again…

Getting a 16k08 error when trying to Launch the Game?

This error appears when there is a service outage, when there is trouble connecting to the login service, or if you try to connect to the PTU Test Servers while a PTU isn’t active. It is fairly common and generally will be fixed with time, you’ll want to check the Server Status Page to confirm outages.

It can also be because you don’t have the newest version of the RSI Launcher. It should automatically update, but if not, you can grab the newest version from the download section of the website.

Getting a long loading screen OR 20k18/30k18 error when logging back in to the game?

Logging out in a ship bed or having the game crash, after logging back in can result in this error, or a long loading screen where ship/player spawns at the Stanton star.

This issue is erratic and sometimes you’ll be stuck in a loop, though restarting or respawning can fix it.

It can also happen when you’ve spawned a multi-crew ship, and logged out, but your teammates are still on board and not logged out. Destroying the ship seems to clear this error in some cases, but it can fix itself over time.

Another way to potentially clear it is to enter Arena Commander and use the problem ship in one of the modes.

A character reset is only recommended if you’ve tried everything else with no success.

30k Disconnect?

This error will typically appear alongside a server disconnect along with a message about a “bad token” and won’t let you jump back into the game. To correct this, completely close out of both the game and the launcher, and then try again.

Unable to select a starting system?

In rare cases the option to select a system to begin playing is totally missing for entering the Persistent Universe.  Should this occur, completely close both the game and the RSI Launcher and wait a few minutes before restarting the application.  Ensure the tasks are completely ended in the Windows Task Manager as well.

Should the restart not work, a few players have reported that totally restarting their computer has helped.

There are various Other Known Issues

  • Players are unable to leave a party from the Main Menu 
  • The chat window is positioned too low to be fully readable whilst in a vehicle on Ultrawide monitors 
  • Using a medipen may occasionally have no effect… just be aware… have spares.
  • Swapping FPS weapons drops or can remove the original weapon. 
  • Mineable commodities data in Scan Mode displays incorrect Percentage Values 
  • The player may become unable to open Hammerhead turret doors, leaving them trapped inside 
  • Constellation Andromeda co-pilot unable to target while in missile operator mode 
  • Search missions such as shipment lost and lost cargo do not update once the player has collected the cargo box 
  • Unable to complete box delivery missions in Area18, as kiosk rejects boxes 
  • Distortion weapons can lead to the friendly fire threshold being met in only a few shots 
  • Demon Fang Combat Knife is missing from the game 
  • When entering the pilot’s seat of the 100i, the animation may not complete, leaving the player facing away from the windscreen 
  • HANGAR MODULE is NOT AVAILABLE and will be disabled until CI are ready to re-enable it.

Boom, that’s it for a bit of a known issue and workarounds update. Please remember that if you encounter a problem, you help SCs development and bug fixing by reporting that on the issue council; Which is accessible via the RSI website – Development – Issue Council.