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Can Star Citizen Capture the Magic of Jumptown v2?

Today in Star Citizen we have a variety of Topics and Updates, PvP, Jumptown V2, Arena Commander Updates with new maps and new PTU patches in testing!

PvP is a hot topic in the community, from being competitive, adding massive interesting gaming to creating anxiety & allowing griefing it has wide implications to the game.

PvP & PvE is blended together in Star Citizen, with missions helping define if it’s likely that any PvP could occur.

PvP helps with new weapon design and balance.

There are going to be areas that are significantly more PvE focused… where the Pyro System might be much more PvP… or at least it’s more likely to be able to occur.

They described it as a PvP Hellscape but the risk and reward may tempt even PvE players over there…

Currently Desync and Frame Rates are …..

In the Ninetails Lockdown has security vs pirates and players can join either, it’s much more factional PvP & PvE warfare.

Star Citizen will cater for PvP and PvE players and it will be the area, mission and star system that will help define how much of that gameplay is there.

Jumptown was a fantastic accident of something being incredibly valuable to trade and that causing a big bottleneck of players wanting to travel there and buy goods there… but this also had the emergent gameplay of players taking the area over, lots of PvP and lots of queuing… people reacted very interestingly.

Jumptown 2 is something Cloud Imperium are working on.

They want to capture the original experience of the original area as possible BUT they don’t want it to DESTROY the economy.

So they will have it as an event that runs every so often for a few hours, and it will be “hyper profitable” to draw players in.

The event will be broadcast to players in game, you’ll be notified as a mission or at least in some way.

As the products involved are illegal or restricted goods there are going to be a few places you can sell them, but lawful players might be trying to seize them and hand them into have them disposed of by security forces.

There are Arena Commander Updates coming to Alpha 3.15… Firesprite are a studio working with CI teams to improve Arena Commander, Star Marine and build ToW.

Dying Star and broken moon are getting additions and large expansions to their game map with stations and a much better looking spacescape. They suggested they were 10 times bigger.

They have 3 major player spaces in each map to help navigate and orient players.

Broken Moon has a dense asteroid area, a more open terraforming platform section & area that has large station pieces and visuals to fly around.

Dying Star has the Central Station Area, a more dark clustered gas cloudy area and then some massive asteroid chunks. Dying Star is based in the Pyro system… but sort of a gamified version of it… it’s not supposed to be an accurate version of pyro.

Beyond that there were a couple of PTU Patches CI put out 3.14.0y

  • Delivery boxes from legitimate delivery missions should no longer be considered stolen goods by security patrols
  • Fixing 3 Server Crashes & a Backend Service Crash

And a 3.14.0z – Patch that was unstable and immediately ROLLED BACK?!

It had some important prison & refinery bug fixes as well as additional improvements to desync, so hopefully they can sort that and get it back out ASAP!

Boom that’s it for a summary of todays news and ISC…