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Star Citizen 3.15 Roadmap

Star Citizen Alpha 3.15 is the next major update from CI it’s roughly expected end of September – Mid October 2021… this is because on paper it’s the end of September or Q3 release BUT CI typically release it around CitizenCon (the giant star citizen official fanfest) sometimes which this year is on the 9th of October a few days later.

And we know from experience that these builds often are not ready and are kept on the PTU or test universe until they are… so bare that in mind. Tho I would at the very least expect a build open to all on the PTU for that CitizenCon date.

Alpha 3.15 is packed with some extremely important features currently, and some of those are recently added or have been delayed from previous patches and moved here.

It’s likely that at least some of the features that are currently planned for 3.15 will be delayed, just to help set expectations BUT let’s take a look at what’s currently planned for the patch:

Medical Gameplay

There are 2 new medical tools to use, an attachment for the multi tool and a larger dedicated curelife one. They will use medical gel to heal wounds and treat injuries with the dedicated one having better medical scanning and treatment options.

We know the plan is to have a medical UI showing injuries and be able to adjust drug levels for better treatments BUT I am unsure if that is fully ready for 3.15 or not.

You’ll be able to use these and even medipens on NPCs and other players too…

There is a possibility that this will also introduce a downed state rather than a you are immediately killed.. BUT we will have to wait and see… but the possibility of others or your teammates being able to rescue you is awesome.

Clinics and Hospitals are a new set of locations opening up around the Verse.

You’ll be able to respawn there, buy medical equipment and receive medical treatment.

They have doctors and nurses as new NPC types that will help the areas feel alive. New Babbage, Orison & GrimHex are all getting their own dedicated facilities in this patch with more coming later for the other landing zones. Clinics are also opening on many space stations in 3.15 as well, which I suspect just have a more limited selection of goods or facilities compared to hospitals. GrimHex technically has a clinic rather than a hospital BUT I suspect it’s functionally very similar as it will have to host the criminal players.

Orison v2 was moved up in the schedule and looks to be ready for 3.15 as well. This expands out the landing zone not just with it’s hospital but also the Crusader Show Room where you’ll be able to buy all the Crusader Ships. We may see some other shops start to open, like cousin crows ship customization, new clothing and items stores and more.

Around all of the landing zones and stations they are making vendor improvements, from food stalls, to shop attendants; the NPCs there will be more interactive with the environment in an attempt to bring it up to the level of the bartender NPCs. 

There is a lot of ships planned for 3.15

The Redeemer reconcepted and flyable. It’s a focused medium multicrew gunship however it’s possible it might have modularity to maybe make it into a dropship in the future.

Ares Ion & Inferno – These are 2 highly anticipated single seater heavy fighters that are functionally a MASSIVE S7 gun that flys around. The former has a Laser Cannon and the Latter a Ballistic Gatling. They are the most exciting fighters that SC have made imo… but they at least on paper and in my head work best when supported by other fighters or ships as they will want to avoid dogfighting with light fighters that can avoid their fire.

The recently combat changes dropped one of the Ion’s shields and massively changed ballistic weapons to have very limited ammo… so I am keenly awaiting seeing how these ships will play out.

The Mighty Crusader A2 Hercules is here… this is the Assault Bomber Combat Version of the ship… and it has big bombs… Bombs being another feature of 3.15 which will allow the A2 and some other ships to deploy them in Atmosphere then have gravity take over and deal with anyone unlucky enough to be underneath.

Infiltrate and Defend Missions are planned using the recently added spawn closets. Missions range from all-out assaults to situations where you may be able to complete objectives without the need to engage in combat at all, and include both lawful and unlawful variants. We will see these types of missions at Underground Facilities and Bunkers.

With infiltration in mind they are adding an FPS scanner & radar, we do know that this will be able to detect audio, so noise and vibration. This may make FPS encounters much more in depth and the potential for stealth and general mission gameplay here is pretty interesting.

You might be able to send out a ping to find someone or something BUT then be lit up like a Christmas tree but I do like the idea I can use this if I get lost maybe when finding an objective?

We don’t know to what extent there will be any new Medical Missions, or Missions that make use of Bombs. I hope we get some taken and hold a structure missions from waves of NPCs and players tho… that we be sweet.

Local / Personal Inventories are the Start of a massive change to Star Citizen and the importance of having the right ship, equipment, armor or thing with you when you need it.

Want to change the loadout on a ship? Well you need to have the items and the ship at the same location.

Items are stored at locations, in a player’s inventory or on a ship and players will be able to move the items around if they are proximate.

You won’t be able to freely switch equipment unless you have it on you and you can only carry a limited amount, but you can go grab it from you ship storage if you have it there.

There is an asset manager app that’s being added to the mobiGlas as well to help you keep track of all your gear, loot, ships and items.

Now that you can only carry a more limited amount of stuff and storage matters CI are planning to add lootable containers that will spawn throughout the game (crates/lockers/boxes) that contain dynamically populated, randomized loot. Some may be tied to areas, missions, enemy types BUT loot means prizes!

Will bodies be lootable like a container at this stage… we don’t know yet… maybe.

Arena Commander is receiving some updates with the Broken Moon map expansion being listed BUT not the Dying Star one we have also seen. These maps have been made a magnitude bigger and entirely overhauled with new visuals and locations… Not sure if Dying Star is getting it’s updates at the same time or not tho.

There are various other potentials for this patch too, new events like the Ninetails Lockdown or XenoThreat… that said the this cycle will take it through the IAE which is the biggest sales and freefly event that CI do each year… (typically end of November).

There are likely to be other ships or variants that get added that are currently hush hush.

We could see some other new missions, we do know that eventually the Crusader Security Office will open up with new mission givers Gibbs and Bautista but I’m not sure if it will have the area complete in 3.15…

Inventory Changes, Looting, Medical Gameplay, Scanning Updates and new Gameplay Area all together could make for some extremely good fun.

We do know that CI are working on Jumptown V2 which is going to be a more event based, go here to earn a load of money, we don’t know when that’s dropping. 

Could Arena Commander see the new Vanduul Ship updates for the Scythe and Glaive?

What features might get pushed back?

I think it’s reasonable to expect to see more balance and component updates following on from the changes in 3.14. Could we see the Gen12 renderer deployed?