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Star Citizen News 29th August 2021

Loads has been going on in the world of Star Citizen for the week ending the 29th of August 2021. Let’s take a look and summarize all that news & info.


Alpha 3.14.1 is out and is a significantly improved, more stable patch than the previous 3.14.0… this has worked out pretty well for the FreeFly.

The XenoThreat event is now live and thatMission is running for the next few days. And you can run the full cargo to fleet battle phase all in one go, or just stay for one of them… which works really well.

Yes it’s still an Alpha and some people are certainly going to be having a better time than others. 

For getting involved in XenoThreat you’ll get a Forum Badge BUT there is also a XenoThreat Set of Armor to earn.

As you assist in pushing XenoThreat back into Pyro space, you’ll begin to earn reputation with the CDF. Each level of reputation you earn has rewards tied to it, and earning the maximum amount of reputation will get you an exclusive helmet, flight suit, and chest armor. 

It will be added to your RSI account… so it won’t be wiped in the future! Just run the mission a few times and you’ll be there!

This week’s Sneak Peek looks like it was of the Ares Cockpit, the Heavy Fighter with Inferno & Ion variants that are coming in Alpha 3.15.

Inside Star Citizen – Editorial Territorial had some tangible updates

Maria Pure of Heart Hospital is getting work. This is a hospital coming AFTER 3.15.

Hacking ports and associated gameplay has been further developed allowing interfaces in walls, floors and other surfaces.

The Nyx System is having assets built out for it and we saw some fauna and plateau-ed rocks.

We even saw height maps for one of the more mined out planets there.

We saw the Vulture in WhiteBox and a potential Drake HuD.

There were various concepts for the IAE2951 banners and logos.

Pressure damage is getting work.

Space Whales had some impressive concept shots of potential gameplay having players mining the barnacles off them is what it looks like to me, but you’ll have to be quick before the whales return to dangerous depths.

Star Citizen Live – Gangs of Pyro

The Fire Rats are ship jackers from Pyro and kind of worship the Star and are a bit unhinged. They have a love of fire… and they are going towards the cult type route.

They may have self inflicted burns. It’s pretty borderlands/madmax-y.

Some armor, but very steam punk / scavenger / apocalyptic.

I love J-Lees T-Shirt… a very good choice!

We had a Roadmap Update with various new more minor features added as well as Alpha 3.15 getting various features confirmed with the updated broken moon map, new missions, Loot Generation and Bombs all making the cut… and nothing well… being cut yet… and we know that Medical Gameplay and the Inventory Updates are UNLIKELY to be cut… so it’s looking pretty good for that patch.

Something pretty exciting that’s coming in the future are both Rivers & Roads that are firmly on the Roadmap to receive work over the next few quarters.

The ship showdown is also underway with backers taking to twitter to share screenshot, creations and other content on their favorite ships…the phase ends Sept 6th… this will then have the 16 most popular ships in game in the ship showdown where players will choose their top ones starting Sept 8th. These ships will also be part of a sale.

The final four ships as selected by backers will also take the spotlight in an epic Free Fly from September 20th through September 27th! CI also said

A spot in the final four of this celebratory smack-down will open the airlock for some fun surprises coming later this year.

Typically this is 4 some special skins made for them too… and a bit of a celebration BUT CI might have something more planned this time. 

Boom, that’s it for today’s news… have you been playing in the XenoThreat