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Star Citizen Weekly News 5th September 2021

I have a load of Star Citizen news for you XenoThreat Coming to an end, sneak peeks, summaries of ISC with loads of ship updates and SCLive talking about some changes in development all for the week ending the 5th September.

Weekly Update: Defend Against the XenoThreat Before It Ends!

Keep up the fight! The XenoThreat forces will be retreating from the Stanton System on Tuesday, September 7, so give them hell on their way out.

So it’s been confirmed that that is when XenoThreat Remastered will come to an end and I would assume also end the combat ship sale that’s also on.

Star Citizen also recently had a hotfix and Server Maintenance to help fix some issues with servers not always moving onto the fleet battle phase of XenoThreat.

The Ship Showdown Phase 2 starts next week on the 8th! Submit your original creations and make some noise for your favorite ship before bracket voting begins… as it’s the most popular that will go into those 16 ships that will compete.

The Sneak Peek this week was of a new gunsight that we will be to make use of in the future.

ISC this week was very ship centric.

The Drake Vulture, is moving into it’s greybox phase with them fleshing out the interior… we’ll see it next year along with ship-based salvaging.

The Ares are moving out of greybox and into the phase art phase.

The Sabre will be Gold Standard for 3.15 and we might see some more of that at CitizenCon too.

The redeemer is in it’s final phase and is a solid 4 crew gunship, we will see it soon!

There are a various new FPS weapons from Volt… an SMG, LMG and Sniper.

Laser Tripmines are going to added to the dangers of exploring POIs.

Orison is getting Cousin Crows Customization Ships and the Crusader Show Room for Alpha 3.15 but there is more functionality coming to them after their initial release.

We also so Cybernetic Concepts for Arm / Leg Replacements.


They are collaborating closer than ever on Squadron and Star Citizen and there is a big focus on SQ42 and core features between both games.

Squadron 42 is almost seen as a big mission within Star Citizen BUT It doesn’t require the Dynamic Universe Simulation or Full on Server Meshing.

Various Features and deliverables have been pooled and merged together. The actor feature team for example will now work on core features for both games rather than just focusing on SQ. This kind of tech will be added to SQ42 first, tested then also put in the PU. This won’t replace Evocati and PTU testing BUT should give a bit of a context and real case study check with a feature before it goes further.

Sounds like Features will get pushed into SQ42 quicker and working for that but might take longer to come to PU than previously.

Smaller features like pushable trolleys will make up larger features in the future.

We will see parts of death of a spaceman and the actor status survival systems come together in the future as the smaller parts get put together.

The Roadmap will see some changes in the future, but development speed will probably remain unchanged but we will see features moved around as they reprioritize.

We will see deep dives into Inventory and Healing in the near future.

Radar and Scanning is also now moving into an FPS Feature. 

EVAing will use fuel and the tractor tool will be extremely important to help with traversal.

You will lose your current inventory when you die in the future… well you might be able to return and pick it up… sometimes.

Innerthought, Interaction and HUDs are getting some big updates with context given for your what you are wearing, the location and ship you are in, lockers you are accessing etc…

We will have to wait and see what changes to development and the roadmap that might come in the future. I might do a more in depth breakdown of this SCLive… with more context with what was said in the future.

The Monthly Reports came out and you can see those in full on my Channel. There was a lot of updates for the Gen12 Renderer, Ships as well as Features for Alpha 3.15 and beyond. My Squadron 42 Report should go live over the weekend as well.

Boom, that’s it for this week’s news.