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Star Citizen 3.15 Release Date Drama – What Is This?!

Welcome to a Star Citizen Combined Drama, News and review of the week and what’s coming up this week… It’s the 14th of September 2021 and we are in the Runup to CitizenCon 2951… let’s jump into it.

We had an odd Turbulent Tweet which caused a bit of drama…

They were celebrating work on Star Citizen Hospitals that they had completed and that Turbulent opened a Star Citizen Focused Studio in Montreal building Star Systems.

They also said Hospital Spaces such as the Orison Exam Room will be unlocked in Alpha 3.15 update on October 22nd… And don’t forget the Annual CitizenCon 2951 event on October 9th where several long-awaited features will be added to the space simulation video game.

r/starcitizen - 3.15 on October 22nd

The problem here being that a release date for a patch was included.

Zyloh responded to this on Reddit:

“Hey all – someone seems to have jumped the gun with this social post, which will likely be removed soon. I wouldn’t rely on the content of this post too much. Sorry to be the party pooper! <3”

It actually makes sense to me that the target release date for LIVE 3.15 might be around 22nd October with an Open PTU around CitizenCon if possible. Only time will tell. Still it’s odd that Turbulent made that tweet with that date in it… as that would of been an internal target… hmmm

I am very excited to see what ever they have were talking about for several long-awaited features that are going to be added at CitizenCon rather than SHOWN… hmmm maybe a slip of the tongue?

What do we have happening this week?

Thursday,has Inside Star Citizen, focusing on Alpha 3.15’s new inventory mechanics, as we take another step toward fully physicalized items and inventory management.

Friday, again has Star Citizen Live being canceled due to some CitizenCon filming. It should be back next week ALSO

CI also said 

“for those that will inevitably ask what we’re filming, CitizenCon will have both live and pre-recorded elements. This year’s show is super unique for us given the pandemic, so we’ve had to get a bit creative!”

We are going to see a “full schedule” for CitizenCon next week that will be awesome to see as then there will be speculation in a much more focused way…

The CitizenCon Video Competition is now over… and apparently CIG had a lot of entries for that. We will see a lot of the entries shown over CitizenCon’s Live Event… me and zinya made one too hopefully it will get chosen. They are only upto 45 seconds long… so expect to see quite a few in the show!

The Ship Showdown is well underway now and some of the winners have been chosen with the:

The Hercules C2 beating the Caterpillar.

The Reclaimer beating the Mole

The Argo Cargo beating the Freelancer Max

And most recently the 600i Explorer beating the Cutlass Black by a hair!

Make sure you checkback each day to see the latest line up, it looks like today the Retaliator will be beating the Banu Defender.

All 16 of those Ship Showdown Ships are available to pledge for on the store currently.

There is going to be a freefly starting on the 20th September… so be ready for that too.

Interestingly the CIGs Zyloh said:

“Friendly bet. If the ARGO Cargo beats the Carrack next round, I’ll wear ARGO  themed makeup and tweet a picture.

That’s how confident I am in my Carrack smashing this thing to pieces in round 2.”

I was thinking the Carrack was going to win hands down… but with a tweet like that… It’s quite possible he will have orange on his face.

This Week’s Sneak Peek is … well I am not entirely sure… the caption is We’re going to kick this thing in gear. And there is the words Machinery may move suddenly. 

It could be just some machinery/props for cousin crows or one of the new locations but I saw people speculate that it’s landing gear for a new ship or part of a turret. 

Maybe a part of a crane or forklift type thing. Zin suggested it could even be part of the cydnus mining tick. What do you think? 

Inside Star Citizen last week looked at medical gameplay.

It confirmed that a downed state will be part of Alpha 3.15… so you’ll be able to be rescued and got back up. There are various drugs & medical tools to treat injuries temporarily and you’ll need to treat injuries that you incurred on your head, torso or limbs at Hospitals. Your BDL is important too.