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CitizenCon – Anvil Liberator LIGHT CARRIER – King Of Transport Ships

We had a new concept ship shown in the Ship Talk Panel at this years citizencon…

The Anvil Liberator Light Carrier / it’s a Ship & Vehicle transport ship… looking very much like a landing craft and acts like one as well as it has room for a whole load of fully armed marines.

The ship is on concept sale from $500 but we don’t have any indication of when it will be flyable yet.

It can carry vehicles and ships and has storage in an interior as well as it’s roof.

The Liberator easily accommodates three ships on its open-air landing pads, from light and medium fighters to mining and freight craft. The distinct double-deck configuration makes exceptional use of a relatively compact space, rendering take-offs and landings effortless. Fighters can therefore launch and help repel any attackers, should the Liberator come under assault during its journey. The interior bay is further capable of housing two ground vehicles, such as tanks and mining vehicles.

It’s pretty big 122 Long x 68 x 24m

It roughly has 3 external landing pads (2 xs at the top) and 1 xxs at the front.

And 2 internal landing pads.

The ship is intended for up to 2 crew, one for the pilot and the other for a gunner to help protect the ship.

Should the Liberator be placed in jeopardy, it is capable of defending itself without needing to scramble any fighters on deck. A manually operated turret sporting potent Size 5 laser repeaters, along with dual automated point defense turrets and four bespoke missile launchers, keep the Liberator and its passengers well protected.

You will hopefully be protected by the people onboard your ship launching in their ships.

There is a docking collar again, front and rear ramp entrances.

There is a dedicated cargo hold sporting a generous 400 SCU capacity means you can haul traditional freight and tote supplies without sacrificing any vehicle space. This versatility makes the Liberator a favorite of UWC contractors, mining operators of every scale, and pilots and orgs looking to multi-task. 

It’s supposed to be a long range ship too.

Equipped with a massive Size 3 quantum drive, the Liberator is built specifically for extreme-range deployment. Its ability to expeditiously transport smaller, short-range ships and vehicles to objectives between star systems makes it an invaluable asset for all manner of industrial, commercial, or combat operations.

There is a lot going on with the interior, 

The belly has the vehicle bay but also cargo access, a bath room, component access, there is access to the armory room, jump seats for 16x Marines, suit lockers, a lift that leads up to additional suit and armory storage.

There is a large engineering section with the components more central to the ship.

As well as lift access and corridors easily enabling you to traverse while on board. 

Loaners for the ship until it’s flyable – initially the Hercules M2 for gameplay in the Persistent Universe and the F7C-M Super Hornet for other game modes.

People wanted a pocket carrier… it’s a bit bigger than that BUT this is going to be an alternative to the Kraken / Hercules but with a role of both.

If you want something more powerpoint with more defense just for attacking or transporting to the ground the Hercules is your best bet.

You want a floating space station or to repair your ships then the Kraken…

If you want to transport a small fleet and a couple of vehicles with some troops then you have found what you need with the Liberator AND I think this will be the center piece in many a smaller organizations.