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Origin 400i Flyable In Alpha 3.15

The 400i turns out to be a real ship NOT ONLY that but also it’s coming straight to flyable in Alpha 3.15… and is available to some to test in Alpha 3.15 which has just gone to wave 1 PTU.

The 400i is an alternative to the Constellation.

It is a multi-crew ship with a reasonably powerful loadout and it can carry 42SCU of cargo and a bike.

The ship is available from $220 warbond (also coming with LTI) and we have a citizencon skin free with the ship too.

60m Long x 32m x 12.5m High

It supports 3 Crew

There are 2x S4 Weapon hardpoints with Gimballed S3 Laser Repeaters as Standard.

There are 4 bespoke Origin Octo Rack x2 (w/ 8x S2 Thermyte Concern Task Force) and x2 (w/ S1 Behring Marksman x8)

The ship has large shields so it will be very tanky.

The hab and bridge and crew space is all upstairs, they all have individual rooms with their own bathroom, with the captain having a larger room.

The bridge has 3 crew stations.

There is a living area with a kitchen and a holotable for operations.

The bottom deck has a belly ramp that opens up, the engineering section with a gravity generator and cargo area.

The Ship has a docking collar.

There is a bike bay that opens up at the front of the ship so you can store an X1.

The ship has escape pods for the crew as well.

There was a Q&A for the ship as well that I’ll summarize and reiterate on the main points again.

Origin 400i Q&A

The 400i is a competitor for the RSI Constellation series and the Drake Corsair, it’s also faster in a straight line and more agile than both. The 400i has the ability to carry its full complement of cargo AND an X1 bike at the same time. The 400i’s bike bay is specifically designed for the X1 and is not designed to fit any other vehicles. The X1 is deployed on a lift platform at the front of the 400i, which takes it from its own sealed mini-garage down to surface level.

The 400i is intended for exploration. It’s capable of taking a three man crew to distant areas and has comfortable onboard living to accommodate. While not featuring Origin’s AIR system, the 400i still retains the trademark fuel-efficient engines, allowing it to go further on less fuel.

The 400i comes with a single S3 (large) shield. The Constellation Andromeda has the same size shielding, but the size and maneuverability of the 400i compared to the Andromeda means it is harder to hit.

It comes with pilot-controlled dual S4 hardpoints, with S3 gimballed guns as default, and a selection of S2 and S1 missiles. There are also two remote turrets controlled from the bridge, each with dual S3 guns. These cover the upper rear and lower 360 degrees.

The 400i is not specifically designed to be stealthy, although its shape helps to reduce its cross-section signature versus other, blockier ships.

There are suit lockers and regular lockers for all crew members, and personal storage for each crew member near their beds.

There are no official plans for variants, but the ship has been built in a way to easily allow this if they want to expand the lineup in the future.

All entrance points to the 400i either have a dedicated airlock or are separate from the rest of the ship, so full suit and helmet are not necessary while on board.

The life support system is tailored around the maximum crew of three, with a small buffer for safety. It is not a party or touring ship, so it is not equipped to handle masses of passengers.