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Star Citizen Medical Gameplay Guide – What You Need to Know

Welcome to a Star Citizen Medical Mechanics Guide going through all you need to know about these new mechanics in Alpha 3.15. 

When you take too much damage in Star Citizen you now go into a Downed State and can be rescued. You can hold M to activate a service beacon to have players save you, wait for a friend to help or hold backspace to just revive at your current respawn point; which you can set at Hospitals, Clinics (on terminals there) and the Carrack, or 890 Jump beds… you can no longer respawn on the Cutlass Red.

Pharmacies at Hospitals (on Planets) and Clinics (on Stations) sell various medical tools and drugs.

The most useful is the paramed medical device (the medigun), though you can also get a lifeguard medical attachment for the multitool (it has limited function though).

Make sure you pick up ammo for your medical tool of choice, the dedicated medigun takes paramed refills.

You can attach your medigun (and ammo) to your belt in the Inventory Menu [I].

If you have gone the multi-tool route make sure you equip the lifeguard attachment onto the tool in the inventory.

You can then bring either of these out by pressing 4.

To heal someone, get close and aim down sights… you do need to be pretty close to actually heal.

You’ll get feedback on the body part you point at. Body parts get progressively more damaged and more seriously injured if you do not treat them. Broken legs are the worst!

You’ll be able to see if there is an injury that needs treating or if healing is required.

Just left click to fire the medigun and it will start to heal and revive in-capped players. 

It will also tell you what drugs you can use to temporarily treat an injury and what type of treatment is needed to permanently fix it: T3 being Cutlass Red Bed, T2 Clinics, 890 & Carrack Beds, and T1 are Hospital Beds.

You’ll need to switch the medigun to advanced mode by holding F and interacting with the toggle to treat injuries. This mode is not available with the multi-tool, only basic healing and reviving. You can then choose which drugs to use in your mix. Though you can just point at the affected area and press auto.

You’ll want to get a player’s health high in addition to treating them but also consider their Blood Drug Level which is shown as the pills and %. If it goes to 75% or higher the player will be overdosed, this will leave them stumbling, and at over 100%, taking damage from the OD. Resurga will help clear this state from them. Get too high a BDL and you’ll collapse until your BDL comes down, but as you’re taking damage you could die.

You can use the medical tool on yourself by pressing [B]. You’ll get a summary of what drugs or healing you still need, just fire to apply healing.

You can also use medipens to do the same thing BUT you’ll need the right pen/drug for the job; it’s just much less hassle to have the medigun and gel ammo for it. If you do have a pen, you can bring it out by pressing [C], left click to use on self, right click to use on whoever is in front of you.

Getting Others to Hospital

You can drag players by interacting with them. You can even place them on beds or stretchers, which makes the Cutlass Red very useful in the field.

You can place injured or in-capped players into the emergency elevator at hangars, this will heal them and take them to the local medical area and all their gear will be stored in the local inventory there too.

At Hospitals and Clinics you can get further treatment.

Visit one of the terminals at the location to get a room allocated to you, you can access it typically via the nearby elevator.

Once there you can lay on the bed and it will deal with health, hunger, hydration, BDL, and minor damage automatically.

You’ll then need to use the interface to deal with any additional injuries.

There is an auto-med function, so typically use that unless you want to manually do it for reasons?