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Star Citizen News – Bring The Heat

We have various things this week in the world of Star Citizen.

There is a Recruitment Promotion currently on until the 1st of December. Get someone to purchase at least a $40 ship or starter that has signed on with your referral code and you’ll both get the Winner of the Ship Showdown the Cargo Argo with LTI.

You can only earn 1 Cargo Argo each via this method… but others will still get theirs if they sign up with the referral code even if you already have one. You’ll also both get a Best in Show Paint for the ship, Argo Flight Jacket and Backpack. Which to me are more valuable than the Argo Cargo 😛 Can’t argue with it… it’s a free ship with LTI that might have a bit more tangible utility in the future.

Roberts Space Industries and GameGlass have teamed up to create officially licensed Shards that make playing Star Citizen even more immersive.

Each Shard gives you touchscreen controls specific activities – including flight, combat, mining and more. And as Star Citizen continues to evolve, new Shards will be created to support new gameplay features.

There is a FREE Shard for all Star Citizen players… so no purchase necessary however.

There are various other shards available for Star Citizen for specific jobs and roles which you can purchase OR subscribe to.

GameGlass have been making touch screen stuff for SC for a while now and it’s great they have been made more official!

You can get pretty good results from a range of touch screen devices.

I was using a mixture of voice attack and gameglass at one point with my Virpil Constellation Delta HOTAS… that was extremely good fun! I haven’t put the tobii eyetracker into that mix yet… but there are so many controller options and ergonomic gadgets now.

This months Flair for RSI Subs appears to be Caldera Heat Suits… in various new colors.

I have a lot of love for this big chunky boys. We should find out some more about them soon.

This Week In Star Citizen we have some good little posts and updates:

Tuesday we have a new Lore Post titled “Far From Home”. Ol’ Jegger reflects on the new regeneration tech and whether or not to get an imprint made.

Wednesday we have a pair of Monthly Reports on both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. These are the only way we really get sQ42 updates and give us a big insight into various projects and features that are being worked on for SC. 

We also have a Roadmap Update, I am hoping we see 3.16 get some attention this time… it would be good to know if the patch is affected much by CIs new release strategy for the PU.

Thursday Inside Star Citizen returns looking at new Mining Gadgets that are coming online in Alpha 3.16, as well as a Sprint Report… These reports are awesome and give a huge amount of info.
Friday, SCL will answer questions about All Things User Interface. You can catch it at 4pm UTC on the Star Citizen Twitch and you can submit questions or upvote them in the dedicated thread.