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Star Citizen November Update – Welcome To The IAE

Welcome to a Star Citizen & BoredGamer November 2021 Channel Update… it’s probably the busiest and most packed month for content so let’s jump right in.

Let’s start with last months Giveaway winners… there were 2 giveaways.

Jack Long – Argo Cargo Winner

Alexander BinghamOrigin 100i Winner

For November we have a New Giveaway for a Mercury Star Runner the multicrew cargo/data runner that can do a little bit of everything the game has to offer, almost. It is my favorite ship in the game with hidden vents and a load of facilities.

So yes November, a lot is happening with Star Citizen

3.15.0 should be going live by the end of the week probably… and they have been adding loads of additional features beyond what is shown on the release roadmap for it, some of the gen12 renderer stuff, icache, lots of performance optimizations.

There is going to be a full wipe… so ships, items auec, everything that isn’t promotional or bought with real money is getting reset… so it’s time to grind.

Server Crash Recovery is a new feature that will massively help cargo traders feel at ease… it saves the state of your ship and its cargo if you 30k / server crash and you can get your stuff back.

You are likely going to see a lot of active players and prison will be at least briefly more effective as a punishment and deterrent as no one has any merits.

The New Inventory updates mean you have to have your gear proximate to you. Your starting location is important as all your stuff is there (also shared with the station in orbit). I am probably picking microTech/New Babbage rather than Orison.

The Medical Mechanics are really big too… temporarily treating injuries with various drugs, medical beds and hospitals can prementily treat them based on their severity. 

But it’s downed states and rescues that I like the most here. You go down, other people can revive you or you can put out a beacon to get a rescue.

That gameplay is what me and zin are really looking forward to doing some content on.

During the previous PTU patches there were some bugs, players didn’t know you were coming to rescue them… but now the mechanics are working a lot better. I want to be a private combat medic. 

All of that with a load of fixes and new FPS Bunker missions are all pretty exciting and are looking great for the game.

We will be checking all the gameplay out and doing a new Start Here Star Citizen Guide as well as guides and content on each of the new features.

Something potentially even bigger than 3.15 is the 2951 IAE that starts on the 19th November and runs until the 1st December. We will be covering that expo each day as different manufacturers are on giving you access to try different ships for free during this free to play event and massive ship sale.

There are new ships and vehicles beyond the Redeemer and Ares’ we will do buyers guides and tours of all of that. I am going to be streaming most of those days checking out the expo as well.

I am expecting a 3.15.1 patch to be coming out at the same time.

That is a huge amount of content but it’s also quite a lot more time investment from me and zin… as each day we need to record and get out content for the IAE as well as the other game news and potentially stream too…

The end of the year is always incredibly busy with citizencon, 2 major patches and the IAE… with IAE I’ll be getting a what’s at the IAE video each day, what’s available to rent and see and buy along with any limited hull ships and when they are on sale as typically some ships like the Idris are sold in small lots at certain times.

What Else During November?

There is Beacon a Euro SC Convention that the pre-show is being streamed on the 6th November from 7pm UTC on there is an in game event before that as well, it’s worth checking out, they have loads of guests and stuff going on.

Video & Content Plans

We didn’t get round to doing proper medical rescue gameplay in October because there were bugs, this is true of checking out the bunker missions fully too so you can expect to see them in all there glory this month.

As well as a review of all the different gameplay SC has to offer for each role.

zin Lore series seems to be pretty popular and she is kinda able to go off and find stories and lore she is interested in to cover… so if you have any suggestions for that… I’ll make sure she sees it.

Something that I always plan to bring back every month is the Org / Community Spotlight… this looks at different orgs that players can join and interviews their leaders… but also sort of includes interviews with ex-CIG devs, developers of apps or star citizen associated products.

It actually takes quite a lot of time to set these up and record them… so I want to bring them back and I’ll try and do it this month… I’d like to do one every 2 weeks.

And me and zin doing a hot takes podcast once every 2 weeks as well.

But we will also be covering all the SC news, patch notes and roadmap updates as they turn up. ISC should be back with us this or next week too. I am looking forward to seeing what is getting added or removed from Alpha 3.16 in the coming weeks too! We should have the Monthly Report real soon too… I love summarizing those as they cover a lot of content.

The Channel is growing at a reasonable pace, I always see bigger numbers in views and subs during the last quarter of the year but this is compounded with a lot of people joining the channel OR becoming patreons, I’ve seen a big uptick on peeps doing that, so thank you. We are planning at least 1 exclusive video a month BUT I am interested to know what other perks you’d like for becoming a patreon or channel member? We could do a monthly zoom call with everyone OR vote on a video OR organize play sessions?

That’s a reminder, assuming 3.15 is pretty stable when live you can expect me and zin to be streaming gameplay once a week AND wanting to get peeps involved in some organized videos/footage capture.

Mental Health & Other

I am doing pretty well considering, my home and family are in reasonably good order even after the passing of my father, who will be terribly missed. Everything is a lot more bearable each day to be honest.

I think I am doing very well with my mental health, I am a lot more restrained and calm… much less stressed. I am trying to regularly exercise. I’ve got a blood test in a couple of weeks so hopefully that’s all good. I lost a lot of weight but I’ve put a little back on… not much BUT I don’t wana be tubby gamer again… I spend a lot of my time sitting down so I think it’s worth being healthy.

I am still shilling for NordVPN they are product I use and they pay well for referrals so check them out if you are after a VPN at for deals.

Also people seem to quite like the random ads we do for them at the end of videos, we should be doing that each month.