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Star Citizen Scale Up… THEY WANT HOW MANY?!

There has been a further press release about CI’s New massive office in Manchester that they are scheduled to move to in May of 2022 which is the Manchester Goods Yard and much more city center than previously.

The press statement says:

The Manchester studio will create more than 700 jobs in the metropolitan area by 2023, and over 1,000 within the next five years.

That’s a massive increase… as CI currently employs around 720 around the world total and over 400 in the UK… increasing that by upto 600 more in the UK seems almost ridiculous.

CIG are going to be recruiting heavily for all types of position early 2022 but also it will be their nearby Wilmslow office moving over to here as well.

This is a really nice place to work and have a business and if you are looking for a place to look after and inspire employees this is it.

There are some words from Chris Roberts here too:

“Manchester is where I started my video game career, when I was hired to write the Game of the Month for BBC Micro User, back in 1983 at the ripe age of 14, so it makes me very happy to announce that we have signed a long-term deal for our biggest office yet, in downtown Manchester. Manchester is one of the most vibrant and modern cities in Europe, with strong education links and high connectivity, offering outstanding opportunities and quality of life for our team. The new Enterprise City space is the perfect home for game development, with its deep investment in businesses focused on media, technology and creativity. Manchester joins Los Angeles, Austin and Frankfurt as home to Cloud Imperium’s team, working in partnership with our community of players on Star Citizen and Squadron 42.”

So this is both awesome and terrifying… CI are getting a bigger office in Frankfurt as well with the ONE building there… they rented 3000m2 again they are moving there from their current Frankfurt Studio early 2022.

This could mean that CI are building out Sq42 and need a huge amount more for the PU and SQ episodes 2 & 3… but it could mean that episode 1 is still needs a huge amount of work potentially.

CI could realistically be at 1200-1500 employees in 5 years if they keep expanding. 

It just scares me a little they are scaling up so much, it does show they are serious about developing a game BUT I am not sure what it says about release dates. Also are they going to maintain the massive amount of funding needed to support that much larger staff?

However once they have completed a large portion of that development I was expecting CI to be downscaling not upscaling. That said they might have the capacity there but they don’t have to fill it.

I am looking forward to when I can tour that new premises.

It’s certainly exciting and the future looks very bright for CI and I love the fact they are spending their crowdfunding money on the game’s development. They are making a huge amount of money, they are already beating what they made in 2020 I think… It’s going to be the IAE that makes this year a record breaker again or not.

Star Citizen alpha 3.15 had a new PTU patch v. Star Citizen Alpha 3.15.0v. There were a couple of changes and this is potentially a release candidate.

Location inventory max capacity updated from 32 SCU to 100 SCU

  • Fixed an issue causing corpses, items, and mineables disappearing immediately when dropped on the ground
  • Missions to underground facilities should no longer have a chance of allowing multiple different missions in the same facility at the same time

There are still some bugs to fix, with outpost rearm, repair and refuel, inventory issues, swapping items but really most are pretty minor at least I think… I am sure someone will tell me something major is broken that I have overlooked.

They are also assessing windows 11 issues and performance currently.

I do think that Windows 11 has at least slightly contributed to the delay in 3.15.0s release to live however this is looking pretty close to a release candidate.

So it could be any hour IMO for a 3.15.0 LIVE Release BUT I have been saying that for the last 5 days…

There is no prep to be done for 3.15.0s release I suppose as there is going to be a full wipe, just make sure you have the latest Drivers & GPU stuff all ready.

I personally am avoiding Windows 11 until it’s super supported and optimal…

CI are keen to get 3.15.0 out so they can test 3.15.1 for it’s release next week and the IAE… they can also probably bug fix anything too annoying that makes it into that live patch.